Smart Meters – The saga continues – Could 4m have to be replaced?

I’m indebted to Roy Connell for bringing my attention to this article on the Mail Online* website – see link below

I have covered this matter quite a number of times on this blog site as the rollout of smart meters has been little more than a farce from day one.

There’s nothing particularly new in the Mail story to those of us who have been tracking this saga but it does highlight the utter mess that has potentially been created by industry standard smart meters not being installed from the start of the programme. And that’s putting to one side whether they are needed at all I might add.

The way the energy market is set up we all need to be swapping our suppliers each year to ensure we are getting the best deal but with some smart (or is that unsmart) meters swapping suppliers may be far from simple.

Persoannly I’m sticking with the old meters for now until this crazy situation is fully resolved.

* I don’t recall ever linking one of my blog postings to the Mail before and I do so with more than a few reservations as a progressive politician of the left. Suffice to say I decided that the information in the article outweighed my many political concerns about this newspaper.

Free! – NO smart meters are no more free than Brexit will enable £m’s to be ploughed into the NHS

It’s while since I have commented on smart meters, which I’ve be highly sceptical of for a long time now, but this article in the Daily Telegraph nails one aspect of the push to install them which has caught out those planning the programme. Please see the link below:-

If ever there was a Government project that went off half-cock this must be high on the list. What with non-compatible smart meters that meant you could not change to some energy suppliers (yes they really were on the market), the possibility of them being hacked and now a story about them being ‘free’ when they are costing us all a small fortune no wonder folks look upon them with great suspicion.

I recall when our house was being rewired in 2011 that a very old electricity meter had to be replaced. The installer said to me that it won’t be in for long as you’ll have a smart meter by 2015. It’s now late 2018 and we haven’t got one. The nearest it has got was a rather odd phone call a few weeks back when I was asked by goodness knows who whether I wanted one. Whether the call was genuine or not I was never going to agree to one being installed by a phone call or a knock at our door.

Sorry, still a sceptic whose paying for a meter we’ve not got and on balance would rather not have until they are tried and tested.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Smart Meters ‘dangerously insecure’

The Guardian has the story on its web site

A subject often covered on this blog site, as a consequence of Roy Connell’s spadework, but a very different angle this time.

Goes to show that when you are given a simple solution to a complicated issue…..

Back to the energy smart meters

The Daily Telegraph has the story – see link above

‘Smart meters will cost £11bn – but you’ll be lucky if yours saves you £30

My friend and regular contributor to this bog site, Roy Connell, has been tracking the progress of smart meters for quite some time as readers may be aware from previous postings.

Roy has been sceptical of the claims made about such meters and it seems he is probably right to be such a sceptic.

More on utility smart meters – Are they worth it? Germans have rejected them

The BBC has the story – see link above


I have posted previously on the saga of smart or not so smart utility meters and the investigations into them via my good friend and story spotter Roy Connell. You may recall that it led to John Pugh, MP for Southport, asking a question about them in Parliament.

Here’s the latest from the BBC Radio 4 Money Box programme via the BBC web site.

The fact that the ultra efficient Germans have rejected them may say a lot here.

With thanks to Roy Connell again for the lead to this update.

Utility Smart Meters – Seems best not to volunteer for one before the planned national roll-out

I posted not long ago about the smart meters that are not very smart if you change your electricity/gas supplier. That original posting can be read again here:-

John Pugh MP (Southport) gained a reply from Government via Lord Bourne and gist of it, at least my gist of it, is beware await the national roll-out of smart meters that will be compatible across all the gas and electricity suppliers and watch out for a utility company that wants to install one of their own that may not be compatible if your switch suppliers.

With thanks to Roy Connell for this update