The Sefton Coast – Cycling it from Ainsdale to Crosby

Yesterday, together with Roy Connell (who is often credited on this blog site for unearthing interesting subjects) I cycled from Ainsdale to Crosby (and the Iron Men) along the Sefton Coast through Formby, Hightown and Altcar Riffle Range.

Despite having lived in Sefton all my adult life I had not previously done this route either walking of cycling.

The stretch from Formby through Hightown and onto Crosby is very interesting and the cycle/footpaths are in great condition.

Well worth tackling this stretch of the Sefton Coast if you have access to a bike or like a long walk.

The photo above is sadly of me (or is that of a sad me?) and was taken by Roy and dubbed the ‘Yellow Peril’ – I wonder why?

I may well start to blog about cycling trips in the future if readers are unlucky!

Crosby – A stormy day

This shot was taken during the storm that hit the Sefton coast on 21st October 2014. It looks like a black and white photo but that’s because it was such a grey and stormy day. It makes you feel cold just to look at it. Just a seagull, who happened to pop into the shot, and the Iron men lift the gloom:-


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