Gun Crime on Merseyside – Another sobering revelation

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

How many times have I posted on this subject? Too many is the answer but it shows what an uphill battle it is to try to get guns off our streets. I get the impression that Merseyside Police must struggle to keep a lid on this menace in our local communities. And that’s not meant to be critical of their efforts more that it is a far bigger problem than they or us would ever have imagined it growing into a few years ago.

Is this not another reminder of how the drugs trade fuels violent crime and how our drug laws are simply not working in the UK? I think this may well be the case and Government needs to radically look at how our failed drugs laws can be changed. What is the point of laws that effectively lead to more crime being committed?

Merseyside Gun Crime – 3rd highest rate in England

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above:-

What have I been saying over and over again? Frankly, I am not encouraged by the reassurance that things are getting better or is that less worse.

Guns on Merseyside – Just what is being done to rid us of them?

Only days since my last posting on this matter the Liverpool Echo sadly carries yet another horrific lead article about guns on our local streets.

Come on Jane Kennedy just what is being done to rid us of them? We need a firm and clear public line from our Police & Crime Commissioner that gives us confidence that guns are going to be brought under control on Merseyside.

Policing on Merseyside is too expensive says report

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

The response to the report from Jane Kennedy, Merseyside’s Police Commissioner is to take a swipe at budget reductions as though they would not have happened under a Labour Government (she can’t believe this surely) whilst not really, in my view,addressing what she is going to do about the high costs.

It is not the case that if Merseyside Police were more efficient then the budgets cuts the Commissioner complains of would be more manageable?

Gun Crime in Sefton – It is still a problem – Is it being effectively addressed?

Sad to see that gun crime incidents in Sefton are still taking place of the type that Maghull suffered from in the Mad March of 2013.

I would like to see our Merseyside Crime and Policing Commissioner Jane Kennedy say clearly and publicly what is being done to rid the streets of Sefton (and indeed Merseyside) of gun crime because these incidents keep on happening on a regular basis particularly in the south of the Borough.

Merseyside Police Stations closures – Meeting at Maghull Town Hall

As part of the public consultation by Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy over her plans to close old and too large police stations and move local policing teams to smaller premises a meeting was held at Maghull Town Hall yesterday evening. Trouble is virtually no one turned up.


I got a call from the press earlier in the day asking if I knew about the meeting because no one at the Town hall seemed to. I did but told them that I had already been to a previous similar meeting held in Liverpool a few weeks ago, in any case I was already down to be at a Maghull Town Council meeting in the same building at the same time.

Clearly something must have gone terribly wrong with the publicity machine in the Commissioners office or the press found the meeting details not worthy of giving publicity to.

I am sure Labour’s Jane Kennedy must have expected quite an interest in this matter from local residents but if they did not know about it how could they turn out to question her?

I have previously covered the matter on this blog site:-