Which horse is Bill backing?

My letter to the Champion newspaper

Dear Sir,

So Bill Esterson MP has a new job working for Jeremy Corbyn as his small business shadow minister.

Is this the same Bill Esterson who on the 6th September 2015 said via Twitter “Only Andy [Burnham] can unite our party and win in 2020” and does Jeremy Corbyn know this?

Your sincerely

Tony Robertson

The Champion had not used this letter by the rime I published it on this blog site.

Corbyn/McDonnell – The Labour dilemma

Are Corbyn/McDonnell not already in danger of compromising their ‘hardish left’ views simply to keep the majority of right wing Labour MP’s on board?

Yes I know this question comes from me a Liberal opponent of Labour but never the less surely those right wing Labour MP’s have to be deselected (they did not want Corbyn and certainly did not vote for him) or Corbyn and this shadow chancellor McDonnell will have to continue to compromise what they believe in to keep them from rebelling.

Even then it won’t work though as those right wingers will see them off at the first opportunity because they only pledge their support to Labour not to Corbyn and his leadership people. Their first real attack will probably come after the local elections next May if Labour performs poorly.

My advice to socialists in the Labour Party is to do what happened to them in the Kinnock era or they will soon be back where they started with a new right wing Labour Leadership.

Guest Posting – Corbynomics and local political affiliations – Malcolm Gore writes

Maghull resident Malcolm Gore wrote this letter to the Champion newspaper

Dear Editor,
I found Bill Esterson’s pledge of 100% support for Jeremy Corbyn in last week’s Champion rather alarming.

Corbyn’s extremist views have been well documented recently in the press, his opposition to the monarchy, his willingness to share a platform with terrorist friends, his desire to axe our nuclear capability and probably the army as well, his stance on immigration and his ideas that the solution to any economic problems is to print money, which any A level economics student will tell you, leads to hyper-inflation, are disturbing. Even worse is the desire of his Shadow Chancellor to return to those “halcyon days ” of the 1970’s. Does this mean Bill now shares these views and would vote for them?

Like myself, Mr Esterson has publicly criticised our local councillors, who once elected, toe the party line to the determent of their own electorate, yet when he finds himself in similar circumstances he can’t wait to jump into the “party tent”. I feel sure the majority of hard working, long standing, Labour supporters in Sefton East, do not share these views. Surely it would do his credibility far more good ,to resign the party whip and fight for the mandate on which he was elected.

I fear he has spent too much time in Andy Burnham’s company, borrowing someone else’s “flip- flops” is unhealthy.

Malcolm Gore
Maghull Resident

It was not published in the following edition of 23rd September

Assisted Dying – A guest posting from Jen Robertson looks at conflicting views. Corbyn’s is quite off the wall.

To start this posting it is important that I make it clear I am a supporter of assisted dying.

Here’s what Jeremy Corbyn had to say. In my view a terrible stance on the matter:-


How would you/did you vote on the following issues:

Assisted suicide? “I don’t believe we should be talking about assisted dying until our social care and health care systems have been improved sufficiently with focus on the sick and elderly, especially since we are living in an age where longevity is on the rise and so many more elderly people are in need of health care.

Only when we have made enough effort in that direction can the luxury of such a choice be looked at properly.”

Apparently it’s a luxury…I can’t even begin to say how little respect I have for him here. At least the likes of Tim Farron, who clearly struggles with this matter, always seems willing for debate to take place, this man would rather shut it down completely in favour of his own set of priorities that he clearly deems superior.

What shocked me most though was his lack of understanding. Legalising assisted dying would be the only way to stop it being a luxury. Currently it is available to anyone with the means and ability to travel to Switzerland. Quite aside from the fact that no one should be forced to such lengths, this also means it is not available to anyone lacking in those means. It is not available to the very people Corbyn is supposed to be representing, those with low incomes, hard hit by the recession and struggling to get by in the face of a fairly soulless system. Luxury is what we have now, dignity is available to those who can pay for it. Even to discount all of that though, to say that there is anything we ‘shouldn’t talk about’ is anathema to me and surely to any Liberal. Debate is the lifeblood of real politics. Tim Farron and I may disagree on assisted dying but I suspect we at least agree on this.

In opposition to Corbyn we have fellow Labour Leadership contender Liz Kendall, the only one of the four leadership candidates to vote on the bill.


“But I also believe that this Bill would be a step forward as a country. We don’t talk about what might make a good death and it’s something other countries, I believe, may be more open about. I will be voting for that Bill.”

I couldn’t help but notice she’d made her position on this clear a few times but no one paid her a lick of attention about it. Norman Lamb said he was in favour and, let’s be honest, was there anyone left in the UK in doubt of his position? It’s clearly not from any vagueness in her statement so I am left to conclude that as a woman her opinion was deemed unimportant, especially when there were much worthier issues like how many kids she had or hadn’t and what she wearing this week. As an aside I still don’t know if Corbyn has children, it never seems to have come up – probably because it’s so utterly irrelevant.

It was very surprising seeing Kendall take the clearly more liberal position here but it does show again she’s a politician who at least says what she thinks, and to hell with it if people don’t like what she says. I can admire conviction even if I don’t like what those convictions are. Now if she’d just start saying some nicer things…

Bill Esterson MP on the Labour Leadership

6th September 2015 via Twitter – “It’s between Andy Burnham and Jeremy Corbyn in the #labourleadership election. Only Andy can unite our party and win in 2020. #Andy4Leader”

and 8 days later

14th September 2015 via Southport Vister newspaper web site -“Jeremy has a popular mandate and we should respect that. He has the backing of the members and he has my backing as leader of my party.”

No mention of winning in 2020 now but one thing’s for sure it would surely never have happened under Burnham and is highly unlikely to happen under Corbyn.