Bluekip will want Bercow’s head on a plate for stating the obvious in our parliamentary democracy

The Daily Telegraph has the story on its web site – see link above

Whatever you may think of Bercow (or indeed the Telegraph) he is spot on here.

Brexiters always conveniently seem to forget that we live in a parliamentary democracy and their half-baked plan to take us out of the EU at whatever cost is actually the politics of the mad house that will ruin the UK economically and substantially reduce our influence in the world.

More power to the elbows of MP’s who can see the cliff edge looming and want to stop the UK chucking itself off into the great abyss.

Thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Trump – Was Bercow wise to say what he thought from the Speaker’s Chair?

It came as quite a surprise yesterday when the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, made it very clear that he thought American President Donald Trump should not be allowed to address the Parliament.

Of course the Speaker rarely, if ever, gives a personal opinion and remains neutral but whilst the outburst was a surprise and it may not have been the wisest of moves he was probably saying what many people and MP’s had been thinking ever since the Prime Minister lost her head and invited Trump to meet the Queen.

What on earth possessed Mrs Mayday to think Trump would be welcome here other than her desperate need to gain a trade deal with him because of Brexit?

Our country is in crisis because of Brexit and due to Labour abdicating any responsibility for being an opposition so, on this occasion, I think a bit of Leadership from the Speaker was just the jolt that our Brexit crazy MP’s needed. Whether it will sober them up is a different matter. Expect maverick Speaker Bercow to be used to distract folks from the real issues now.