Brexit – Boris talks more nonsense and Labour, who back Brexit, attack him!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

That Boris is off on one again is no surprise to anyone but what on earth are the Brexit backing Labour Party up to? They are either with Boris or against him; can’t they make up their minds?

On votes in Parliament Labour nearly always back our Bluekip/DUP Government over Brexit yet they then attack the very same Brexiters they vote with over the appalling consequences of us leaving the EU. What a mixed up and muddled world the Labour leadership must live in.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – Labour’s been backing it but wants to stop the consequences of it – Yes I know that’s just nuts

That our Bluekip Government, propped up by the right wing DUP, have been driving us ever nearer to the Brexit cliff edge is bad enough but with Labour embarrassingly hanging on to May’s Brexit shambles of a coattail is just too much.

Yes I know Labour’s right wing working class supporters mainly voted for Brexit but the sad fact is that they, being amongst the poorest in our society, will in all probability come of worst when May (together with Corbyn?) really do jump off that Brexit cliff.

Have Labour forgotten that the Official Opposition is there to oppose – it’s what our democratic processes have been all about for donkey’s years!

But what started my latest Brexit rant? Well I don’t read newspapers much these days but I happened to come across a copy of the Sunday Mirror the other day – it was from 12th November. And here’s the headline my eyes lighted upon:-

The point being that Labour’s Keir Starmer is trying to amend Tory legislation so that workers rights are protected when Brexit hits us because those rights are under great threat from Brexiters who are using the EU Referendum result to attack them.

It’s not that Starmer is wrong to try to amend the legislation but what is wrong is that Labour continues to back Brexit which in turn presents our Bluekip/DUP Government with the opportunity to bash workers rights!

You really could not make this up, it’s as though Labour support the Brexit principle, despite the damage it’s going to do to us all (the poor in particular), but they plod on backing it whist trying to change the consequences of it. Have they not thought it’s time to stop backing the process that’s causing all the trouble in the first place?

Brexit – The bind that Labour has put itself in

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

OK I’m no fan of the Labour Party but trying to look at their somewhat bizarre positioning over Brexit I really do scratch my head.

When Corbyn speaks about it you are not at all sure what view he actually holds over Brexit; a bit like Farron and his religious muddle. Does Corbyn think the EU is a capitalist conspiracy or not? I suspect he does but needs to kerb his public statements to keep his party pointing in roughly the same direction over Brexit.

Of course he and his leadership did not want to debate Brexit at their recent conference because to have done so would have exposed the deep divisions within Labour.

That the biggest issue of the day, probably of the decade, is being ignored by the UK’s second largest political party is indeed very bizarre.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – Let’s face it the wheels keep coming off this ridiculous car

The Evening Standard has the story on its web site – see link above

Leaving the EU has always been about the internal troubles of the Tory Party and what’s going on today is all part of that same internal Tory power struggle.

This latest twist must surely sober up the more sensible Brexiters as they head lemming-like nearer towards the cliff edge, yet will it? May talks of having a great relationship with the EU when we leave but that’s like getting divorced and then continuing as before without being married – what’s the point?

The UK is lurching around making a bloody fool of itself with no idea what to do next in this mad Brexit farce. The lack of a credible official opposition with a clear head on this most vital of issues just makes it all the more dangerous for the UK.

There’s nothing to be optimistic about no matter how you voted it that fateful referendum.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – That self-destructive objective that’s so not British

The Guardian has the commentary on its web site – see link above.

We live in very strange times and are acting as a nation in ways the majority of us could surely never have envisioned and which are so obviously self-destructive.

A government of the far right, our leading opposition party following them into the Brexit voting lobbies, who would have thought it possible but it is happening.

I heard of a voter yesterday via the radio who was saying that they had no political home now as they wanted the Brexit of the Tories but the social policy of Jeremy Corbyn. Well yes that is odd except of course Jeremy’s MP’s (with a few notable exceptions) voted with the Tories over Brexit! But it was as though the consequences of Brexit were completely lost on that voter because Brexit is going to cost us so much economically that the social policies of Jeremy, like them or not/support them or not, will be unaffordable.

The more I see of Brexit the more I realise that the supporters of it really don’t know or in some cases even care what the consequences of it are. The rich and powerful who are manipulating these Brexiters know only too well though, as it is they who will benefit and its the poor, powerless and ordinary folk who will end up paying the price.

And what are we doing whipping up distrust and even hatred of our European neighbours, what good can possibly come from that except of course making the electorate fearful will get them to march behind our Bluekip Government and their lapdog main opposition party.

‘I fear Theresa May is negotiating us all towards Brexit disaster’ says Keir Starmer of Labour – well yes of course but it wouldn’t half help if Labour stopped voting for Brexit!

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – May’s living in a fantasy land – ‘More United’ Kingdom indeed!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Well if anyone could trump Keir Starmer’s bizarre Brexit demands (after Labour had walked through the Hard Brexit lobby with our appalling right wing Tory Government) then maybe the Prime Minister was the one to give it her best shot.

And give it a shot she did to an audience of civil servants who have to do what the government of the day tells them to do!

So who is the most out of touch Keir or Teresa? Well it’s pretty much a dead heat in my view as they are both seemingly doing one thing and saying another. Keir’s Labour keep on voting for a Hard Brexit but then say they want to demand certain conditions. Now just run that one past me again, Labour votes for everything the Tory Government wants, then it demands things that they have just voted not to support – well done Jeremy’s Labour, that’s one hell of a ridiculous position to hold. But hang on Teresa wants to beat that ridiculous position by having one just as barmy herself, or possibly even more so! How about pushing for the hardest Brexit possible, that virtually guarantees a disUnited Kingdom, then make a speech saying she wants to lead a ‘more united’ Kingdom.

You could not make this ludicrous nonsense up if you tried but here we have the two major political parties in the UK peddling utter nonsense as though it is normal political behaviour. Well maybe it is if you’re a Tory/Kipper/Labour supporter but its off the wall madness to me.