Littlewoods Pools Building to be given new lease of life

The BBC has the story and some excellent photos on its web site about this iconic Edge lane building in Liverpool – see link above

With thanks to Keith page for the lead to this posting

Maghull – All that remains (of Burleigh House)

A corner of wall and a door have not been demolished – I wonder why? Where the major services came into the property which sit need disconnecting?

Burleigh House was a substantial property on the Ashworth South Site in Maghull, it had previously been a part of Moss Side Hospital’s grounds and was set back a few yards off Park Lane. The land is presently being redeveloped for the Poppy Fields and Pavilions housing estates.

But why the photo and the history lessen? Well the photo struck me as odd in that the demolition of the house seems to have been stopped with 95% it already gone but the other angle goes back a while to when I was first elected to Sefton Council’s Molyneux Ward in 1999.

Probably the first contact I had as a fresh faced and enthusiastic Sefton Councillor was from an organisation called the Beechpark Initiative, an organisation covering the Beechway estate (in Melling) and the Park Lane/Parkbourn/Parkbourn Square estate (in Maghull). The Maghull/Melling Civil Parish Boundary passes right through the middle of Ashworth Hospital in case you did not know. Both these small estates (built at differing times) had originally been staff accommodation associated with the mental health hospital they still sit either side of and which is called Ashworth Hospital these days. Here’s a note from the Charity Commission’s web site about the Beechpark Initiative:-

The charity wanted to take over Burleigh House and use it to further their community and educational aims and I recall trying to help them together the then MP for Maghull of the time George Howarth. Sadly, despite our efforts and those of others too the ambitions of Beechpark to take over the house did not become a reality so it’s rather sad to see the last bit of it hanging on awaiting its seemingly inevitable end.

Click on the photo to enlarge it. It was taken on 24th March 2018 and is also amongst my Flickr photos at:-

With Thanks to Keith Page for the lea\d to this posting

Ford Escort 50th Anniversary – I had the MK1-ASP Model

The BBC has a video about the 50 anniversary of this iconic car – see link above

When I’m asked what my first car was I say a red Escort MK1-ASP and those who know about cars respond by saying ‘I’ve never heard of an Escort ASP’ or words to that effect. So what was an Escort ASP? – All Spare Parts!

Caricature of a Ford Escort Mexico – Every ‘Boy Racer’ wanted one of these in the 1970’s

The car was knocking on when I bought it 3rd or 4th hand in 1976 and frankly it felt like I had it completely rebuilt by the time I sold it on again. Apart from the engine block pretty much everything else mechanical failed in the 3 or so years I had the car. And as for rust, it was the era when cars were meant to rust away although my following Vauxhall Viva and Chevette cars were even more rust prone.

Yet despite all the troubles I had with that car I still have fond memories of it, if I think with my heart instead of my head that is. There’s a Brexit analogy in there for some folks I guess:-)

With thanks to Keith Page for the photo opportunity

So what if Brexit does not actually happen?

MSN has the story on its web site – see link above

Now for those Brexiters who still read this anti-Brexit blog site I would guess that even the suggestion of Brexit not being followed through (at any cost – the more harm the better) will require them to take to the streets demanding that the UK self-destructs itself.

But in the real world we all know that May and Corbyn and are in a right old tangle about how to deliver Brexit without flushing the UK down the economic pan of history. May’s presently got to find the impossible solutions whilst Corbyn feels the need to both back her and attack her as he does not have to find the solutions.

Let’s face it, things are not going well in any way in Brexit Britain.

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting

Maghull – It’s history on-line

A pictorial representation of the ‘M’ Maghull logo by Keith Page of Lydiate.

British History on Line has details of Maghull’s
past which all Maghullians will want to know about – see link above.

The various changes to its name and how it was pronounced are fascinating. Just look at this quote from the web site:-

‘Magele, Dom. Bk.; Maghul, Maghyl, Maghale, Maghal, Mauhale, 1292; Maghhal, 1303; Mauwell, 1351; Maghull, Maghell, 1353. These last two forms and Maghale most general. In the xv cent. the name was contracted to Maile or Male, which shows the local pronunciation. Sometimes the article was prefixed, ‘The Maile.’

The logo above is in its basic form as designed by Andrew Blackburn in the 1990’s and adopted as the Town’s logo by the Town Council. The blue is for the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the grey for the Red Lion stone canal bridge and yellow represents the Mayweed flower, once common in the area.