Maghull – Pedestrian bridge receives camouflage make over

So what’s with the pedestrian bridge across Northway (A59) getting a camouflage make over?

I think Sefton Council needs to cut back the trees that are taking over this bridge, alternatively they could issue tree loppers to locals to do their own hacking back before the bridge becomes impassable.

With thanks to Lydiate resident Keith Page for the lead to this posting.

And yes I have asked Sefton Council to take some action.

Waterloo – An afternoon at Old Christ Church and its rather fine beer festival

A trip to Waterloo on the 133 bus was called for today so that Keith Page and I could enjoy what was on offer at Waterloo Beer Festival.

Old Christ Church (no longer a functioning church) is a great place for all kinds of events but it was the first time I had been to a beer festival there. A great afternoon was has had checking out porters, dark ales and stouts.

Flying Scotsman – Past, present and future on the East Coast Main Line

The BBC has the story on its web site – See link above

Well it’s about trains so what would you expect from a blog site run by a railway enthusiast like me. And not as boring as politics either! Did I just say that?

With thanks to spotter Keith Page

Time – Knowing the right time is vital

The clock on St Helen’s Church – Sefton Village

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Being a railway enthusiast I have always realised how important it was to have a common time across the country but this article is also really interesting in a broader time sense and it’s well worth a read.

With thanks to Keith for spotting it.

Train Guards – No not another rant about their proposed loss on Merseyrail but an amusing aside

Click on the link above to see the video

Yes I realise that the youtube video is in fact an advert but have a go and watch it; it will make you smile.

And it reminds me of the train guard who used to work on the Liverpool – Southport Line and who would make amusing announcements, read out a bit of news etc. He was, I thought, a one off but maybe not. It goes back a few years now but I also recall that the Merseyrail franchise operator of the day tried to have him shut up but passengers jumped to his defence.

With thanks to Keith for the lead to this posting