‘Post-truth’ a polite way of defining telling lies


The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

A rather sad reflection on our times me thinks when ‘objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’ or you could say beggar the real facts these are ‘my’ facts.

With thanks to Keith Page for spotting the Guardian article.

M57 road surface – Fixed at last!

My spies tell me that Highways England have at last addressed the terrible state of the road surface on the M57 between the M62 and Prescot junctions, northbound carriageway inside lane.

I can’t have been the only person to complain about the appalling way the pot holes have been filled in, seeming by just chucking lumps of tarmac in them and not even rolling the surface flat!

And its been like that for a long time, my posting about it is from 30th June 2015! :-


Well at least they got around to it in the end!

With thanks to my spotter Keith Page of Lydiate

Liverpool – A large part of the city centre is now private property


The Guardian has the story on is web site – see link above

Liverpool Waterfront Panorama

This is an interesting insight into how our city centres are changing and not necessarily for the good. And its happening almost under the radar.

The photo above (click on it enlarge) of Liverpool’s historic/World Heritage waterfront is also on my Flickr site at:-


With thanks to Keith Page who spotted this story

Hornby Trains in trouble

Dave Howel  (the chap on the right of the photo) displays his historic Hornby tinplate collection at Christ Church, Waterloo not so long ago.

A display of historic Hornby tinplate models at Christ Church, Waterloo not so long ago.


The BBC web site has the story – see link above

Shares in model rail company Hornby tumbled by 62% after the firm warned of mounting losses following a “disappointing” start to the new year.

The group – whose brands also include Scalextric, Airfix and Corgi – said recent UK trading was far worse than expected.

It was the products of Maghull resident Frank Hornby that put the town on the map and of course Maghull has its own Frank Hornby Trust with display cases of his early products in Meadows Leisure Centre.

We can only hope for a better future for this world famous toy/model company.

With thanks to Keith Page & Roy Connell for the lead to this story

The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-


Liverpool Poppies – The weeping window


There have been some excellent photos taken of the poppies that were until a few days ago outside St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. I took this one:-

Poppies 3

but of all the shots I have seen the one accessible via the link above is probably my personal favorite as it takes in a much wider vista than just the poppies and St Georges Hall. It was taken by Lydiate photographer Keith Page who happens to be a mate of mine and who continues to try to teach me about how to take a good photo.

Not sure I can ever reach his standards but unbelievably he is actually self critical of the lovely shot he has taken of the poppies. Well I think it is great anyway, please have look at it.