So what do you do when you see a ‘Bike Box’?

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its website – see link below:-

Well as a driver I’ve always kept out of them but now I’m also a cyclist it’s apparent that some drivers stop within Bike Boxes.

The photo above is of the junction at Kenyons Lane/Northway in Lydiate as just one example of a ‘Bike Box’ and I wonder what the experiences of local drivers and cyclists are of using them?

With thanks to Keith Page for the lead to this posting

Lydiate – Kenyons Lane – Repaired verge wrecked again

I posted only a few days ago about the badly rutted grass verge in Lydiate’s Kenyons Lane. This was my posting:-

Having been back to have another look today after Sefton Council Highway Engineers had the verge repaired (at the dairy’s expense I understand) I am sorry to say that things have not improved as large vehicles are wrecking it once again.

Photo taken 24th November 2014

Photo taken 24th November 2014

We need a more sustainable solution i.e. the dairy stopping use of delivery lorries that are too large for the entrance gates or those gates being widened so that such lorries can safely access the dairy without the need to bounce over the grass verge.

Lydiate – Residents say dairy wagons are responsible for churned up grass verge – Kenyons Lane

What a mess, this grass verge is in Lydiate’s Kenyon’s Lane.


Residents tell me that the problem is caused by the size of the lorries accessing the dairy opposite their homes. It seems that due to the entrance to the dairy being too narrow for large lorries to be able to turn in straight off the carriageway they are mounting the grass verge to try to widen their turning circle. Trouble is the consequences for the verge are dire indeed.

Having spoken to some of the residents living opposite the dairy I have asked Sefton Council’s Highways Dept. to look into the matter with a view to finding a sensible solution as clearly things can’t go on as they are.

The residents clearly want to live in harmony with the dairy and they tell me that representations have previously been made by them in an attempt to get the problem addressed.

More news when I have it.