Knife Crime in Sefton

A local resident recently asked me if I could obtain some stats about Knife crime locally so I took up the quest.

I have to say that Merseyside Police were not too keen to provide stats and suggested that to get them may require a Freedom of Information Request to be submitted! However, we tracked some stats down via Sefton Council.

Sadly, before I even posted this item I heard that a Maghull beauty treatment shop in Liverpool Road North had been held up at knife point. Here is the distressing Liverpool Echo story of a few days ago:-

Below is a link to the Merseyside Police web site which carries crime stats:-

In terms of some detail about knife crime in Sefton Borough in the period up to March of this year it looks like this:-

Knife Crimes in Sefton April 2011 -March 2014

There were a total of 607 knife crimes across the period

• There was an overall reduction across the three years
• 8.9% decrease from 2011/12 to 2013/14.

The offences relate to:-

• Violent crimes where a knife has been used
• Possession of a bladed or pointed implement

I hope this helps put some knife vcrime information in the public domain.

Hughes: Knife law may increase crime

Liberal Democrat Justice minister Simon Hughes has warned that mandatory jail sentences for carrying a knife could make young people more likely to commit crime. Mr Hughes said the proposals could lead to younger teenagers ending up in jail after being pressurised by older youths to carry knives for them. The Economist notes that mandatory sentences are being repealed in the US as the rules further fill overcrowded prisons.

Simon Hughes MP on a recent visit to Maghull with Lib Dem Cllrs. Bruce Hubbard, Jen Robertson and Wyn Maher.

Simon Hughes MP on a recent visit to Maghull with Lib Dem Cllrs. Bruce Hubbard, Jen Robertson and Wyn Maher.

In Today’s Independent i, Page: 25 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 13 The Economist, Page: 31

Nice to see Simon bringing a little sense to this debate. Dealing with the consequences of crime and the causes of it are rarely simple. The present and often simplistic debate in parts of the national press over knife crime required a sober contribution.

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.