Maghull to Kirkby via Melling – A cycle path for Prescot Road/School Lane?

Well it seems so as Sefton and Knowsley Councils are planning to construct one.

It will effectively run from the site of the new Maghull North railway station, over the Ashworth Junction of the M58 (where there’s already a short section of cycle path taking cyclists around the busy motorway junction) and on down Prescot Road towards Kirkby. The photo below shows the end of the present cycle path as you go around the junction heading towards Melling Mount:-

Sefton and Knowsley Councils are still developing proposals for the cycle track but the project has funding secured. Construction is scheduled for 2020 as I understand it. However, construction of the first section adjacent to the junction will take place soon as part of the contract to build the new westerly slip roads to the M58 junction. This move should alleviate the cyclists problem on the Kirkby side of the junction which I have previously identified.

I’m also told that on the Maghull side of the motorway junction, there will be a requirement on the developer/s of the proposed business park and housing development to continue the cycle path across the whole of the north of the site alongside School Lane. What is being referred to here is Maghull’s urban extension on the Maghull East site. The map below may assist in understanding the geography of what i an blogging about:-

The large red area is the ‘Maghull East’ urban extension. The M58 Junction 1 is in grey – with Prescot Road running north to south on the right of the map. School Lane runs across the northerly edge of red area. The yellow area is the presently being constructed Poppy Fields, Pavilions housing developments and new station site

More news when I have it.

Prescot – It gets that Shakespeare feeling

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Must admit this clearly long running story has not hit my radar previously.

Is this in a round about way (and never to be admitted officially of course) some form of apology from Knowsley Council for demolishing Prescot Leisure Centre?

Knowsley parks sell-off – Cashman and Howarth on the case

The BBC has the sad story on its web site – see link above

My good friend and leader of the Opposition on Knowsley Council, Cllr. Carl Cashman, has been one of the loud voices saying ‘NO’ to Knowsley Council’s Labour leaders as they plough on with their parks sell-off plans. But things are looking grim in that the all-Labour Cabinet of Knowsley Council is pressing on with the sale of many parks and gardens.

Merseyside Labour Councils just don’t get environmental issues

Urban green spaces are crucial in any community; once they are gone they are effectively gone for good – that means the listed parks/sites to be sold off for development will not be there for future generations. However desperate the finances of Knowsley Council are this is environmentally just the wrong thing to do but how many times have I had to question the environmental credentials of the Labour Party on Merseyside! Too many times sadly.

It’s interesting that George Howarth MP has waded into this issue. I got to know George reasonably well when he was MP for Sefton East and have some respect for him. Let’s hope his intervention will help find a more environmentally sustainable solution for Knowsley Council’s struggling Labour leaders.

A visit to Huyton Library to hear a talk by railway author Frank Green

Having recently heard all about the secondary education troubles of Knowsley Council/Borough, which are deep indeed, I had my first visit to one of the Council’s libraries today and it seemed a quite excellent facility from what I saw.

Author Frank Green addressing folks in Huyton Library

Author Frank Green addressing folks in Huyton Library

The reason for my visit was a talk being given by Frank Green about the railways of that part of Knowsley Borough in connection with his new book called East and West Through Roby which he has self-published.

The talk was excellent especially as we learned he had not done such a thing before.

But a lovely thing about Huyton Library was that there was a baby grand piano which anyone who can play can have a go at to entertain visitors:-



What’s more just after I took the two photos above a local musician (sorry did not catch his name) sat down and started to play one of his own compositions and then Moonlight Sonata. It was quite beautiful to listen to and was quiet enough to fit with a Library. Full marks to Huyton Library Sheila and I enjoyed our visit there today.

Should anyone be interested in buying Frank Green’s book it’s £19 including P&P and is a book of many pages full of interesting historical facts and photos. He can be contacted at

Knowsley – That education hole they find themselves permanently in

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

It’s hard to conceive that bringing Grammar Schools into the secondary education desert that is Knowsley could possibly help fix its woes but think tank Respublica seems to be suggesting otherwise.

Having said that Knowsley Council, who have presided over an education system that will result in no 6th Form A Level provision in the Borough from August 2017, seem rather put out and surprised by the recommendation. What’s even more odd is that the Council actually commissioned the report but claims that Grammar School were not in the draft it saw last May.

So what’s going on? Whilst Knowsley’s young people fail to get a decent standard of secondary education the Council is involved in a bizarre knock about in the media over a bizarre solution. You would have difficulty making this story up!

But under the waves a solution was found by Knowsley parents many years ago; they send their youngsters to secondary schools in neighbouring Sefton Borough.

Knowsley Council in A Level study U turn

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

How things can be turned on their heads in the space of just 6 months. I blogged about this a while back. Here’s the link to that original posting:-

It looks like the right decision has been made at last i.e. to ensure that there is A Level education provision within Knowsley Borough but, and its a big but, educational attainment in Knowsley is poor, too poor, so if its young people are to be given a chance in life it has to improve.

You would have thought that the leaders of Knowsley Council would not be sleeping at nights based on the Borough’s years after successive years of education problems.