Knowsley – That education hole they find themselves permanently in

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

It’s hard to conceive that bringing Grammar Schools into the secondary education desert that is Knowsley could possibly help fix its woes but think tank Respublica seems to be suggesting otherwise.

Having said that Knowsley Council, who have presided over an education system that will result in no 6th Form A Level provision in the Borough from August 2017, seem rather put out and surprised by the recommendation. What’s even more odd is that the Council actually commissioned the report but claims that Grammar School were not in the draft it saw last May.

So what’s going on? Whilst Knowsley’s young people fail to get a decent standard of secondary education the Council is involved in a bizarre knock about in the media over a bizarre solution. You would have difficulty making this story up!

But under the waves a solution was found by Knowsley parents many years ago; they send their youngsters to secondary schools in neighbouring Sefton Borough.