Where on earth is Halsnead Park? Yes that’s what I thought too.


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

When I saw the list of Garden Villages to be developed obviously Halsnead in Merseyside jumped out at me and I have to confess that despite living on Merseyside for 48 years and travelling all over it this name had never been on my radar at all.

A quick Google search brought up a primary school and a caravan park near Whiston in Knowsley Borough where the M57 and M62 Motorways intersect. Then old chum Keith found a link to the document below on Knowsley Council’s web site and the picture began to emerge.


And I started to wonder because to me the site looks like it should be a part of Merseyside’s Green Belt and ‘should be’ seem to be the important words because I asked my good friend Cllr. Ian Smith of Knowsley Borough Council and this is what he said:-

‘It’s green space taken out of the Greenbelt in 2016. Once again Labour run Knowsley Council is not taking any notice of local people. This area is built up enough without further development. It is adjacent to the Lickers Lane Estate built to take the overflow from Liverpool in the 60s & 70s.
We want to see the Local Plan amended with Halsnead being returned to the Greenbelt. The site should be protected, it includes farm land, woodland, fishing lakes and football pitches, and mobile homes on Halsnead Park.’

Building on Green Belt – The Echo story is about Knowsley but it could just as easily be about Sefton Council


The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

As an environmental campaigner I despair at the approach of many Labour politicians to green issues like this. Frankly, and quite surprisingly, I have come across politicians on the right of local politics who have better green credentials than some Labour members!

Claiming to support green/environmental issues then voting to trash them is beyond the pale in my book.

Green Belt – Sefton just does not seem to be able to muster a robust defence of it!

Sefton Council’s Labour dominated Planning Committee discussed an item last week associated with Green Belt land in Knowsley Borough just the other side of boundary between the Melling part of Sefton and the Kirkby part of Knowsley. I used to represent the Parish of Melling on Sefton Council so know the area well enough to be concerned when I see that a plot of land in Knowsley, that was a former golf driving range, is down to have over 200 houses built on it.

Sefton, under its Labour rulers also has a plan to build on Green Belt land in Melling butting up to the Knowsley boundary so it does not take long for you to work out that if both Boroughs are potentially going to allow building either side of the boundary there is every possibility that the two could eventually meet up with all the current Green Belt land being gobbled up.

The recommendation to the Planning Committee was that the report be noted and that an officer response be agreed. Frankly, that was too wishy-washy for the Lib Dem members of the Planning Committee so we opposed the recommendation whilst calling for a more robust protest to be sent to Knowsley Borough making it clear that Sefton opposed the potential loss of part of Knowsley’s Green Belt.

Sadly, the Labour and Conservative members of the Planning Committee were not willing to back us and this despite the fact that 2 Labour members of the Planning Committee now represent Melling.