Will Joe or his Labour challengers just suck the life out of Liverpool’s surrounding borough’s?


The Liverpool Echo has a story about Labour’s potential candidates for Lord of Merseyside – see link above

Readers of this blog site will know that I am in no way a fan of Merseyside having a Metro Mayor to lord it over us all, indeed I think the whole carry on will potentially be the death of Liverpool’s surrounding council areas.

But whether we want a Metro Mayor or not this wretched Tory Government, whose bed Merseyside Labour has all to firmly jumped into, is making us have one.

So who will the Metro Mayor be? Just look at the potential Labour candidates – see link above! They are all from the Liverpool City part of Merseyside, a real worry here.

My concern all along has been that the City of Liverpool may well prosper by pulling everything towards it but that could well be at the expense of Sefton, St. Helens, Knowsley, Halton and Wirral council areas. Indeed, it has started to happen already as poor old Bootle is being stripped of over 3,000 civil service jobs three quarters of which are to be resettled again in Liverpool City Centre!

If we have to have a Metro Mayor (at least until hopefully a new government abolishes them) then surely we need one who clearly has loyalties outside of Liverpool City? Could this be a way of ensuring that the City does not suck the life, economic or otherwise, from the surrounding areas?

Knowsley – And you wanted evidence that our warped ‘first past the post’ electoral system does not work!


The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

If this story does not show why our warped electoral system is failing people I don’t know what does.

What’s the point of standing against Labour in some Knowsley wards – the result is a foregone conclusion so candidates have stopped even putting up against Labour. This places our democracy under threat as voters end up with no choice because they don’t have an election through which to make a choice. Labour will get re-elected in some Knowsley wards no matter what local people think of them.

Credit to the Liverpool Echo for exposing this important issue and thanks to my spotter Keith.

Most Deprived – Liverpool & Knowsley sadly continue to be high in the league table that no community wants to be listed on


The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

Knowsley is 2nd and Liverpool 4th in the list of the highest proportion of most deprived areas by local authority.

Sefton Council – We will try to build the houses on another Council’s patch

This is my 4th and for the moment last posting about the huge house building problem that will seemingly be foisted on the Borough of Sefton and more precisely on Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree and Melling if our Labour rulers can’t find an out of Borough solution.

My last posting is available via the link below:-


The report of council officers to our Sefton Labour rulers says ‘in order to meet a significantly higher land requirement it would be likely that land would have to be identified in adjacent Boroughs’. Those adjacent Boroughs are West Lancashire (which Sefton has by a long way the biggest boundary), Knowsley and Liverpool – from where the crisis seems to have been created, via poor counting in the first place! The officers go on to tell the comrades about the ‘Duty to Co-operate’ with neighbouring Councils. Now then where have we read about that before?

Here I am at Lambshear Lane Lydiate checking out farm land that is coming under threat from house building.

Here I am at Lambshear Lane Lydiate checking out farm land that is coming under threat from house building.

We read about it in earlier submissions made in opposition to Labour’s Local Plan for Sefton because we Lib Dems were accusing the Council and indeed its neighbouring authorities of all but ignoring this duty to co-operate! But now the ‘duty to co-operate’ is all of a sudden an imperative. Well the record on this ‘duty’ is poor in my view so how much hope can we really hold of West Lancashire Borough Council and Knowsley Borough Council chipping in to build a few thousand houses for Sefton on their own patches?

But are we missing an obvious solution here i.e. building the extra houses in Liverpool? Well yes we may be but thereby hangs the other problem, it is folk wanting to leave Liverpool to live in Sefton that seemingly creates the crisis in the first place, or so we being told. Surely that means that if the houses are built anywhere but in Sefton (Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree & Melling) then they will be in the wrong place? Answers on a post card to Sefton’s Planning Department who seem to be in need of some inspiration!

Oh and by the way Knowsley and Liverpool are also part of the Liverpool City Region (West Lancs is only a non-voting member of it) with Sefton and is that not the same City Region where the Labour Council Leaders could probably not agree much at all? Will ‘Duty to co-operate’ really trump the usual Labour turf wars?

Those statisticians with their ever moving figures and guesstimates may well have pointed a loaded gun at the communities that make up Sefton East Parishes and the Labour rulers of Sefton. Watch this space as the crisis develops.

Knowsley Council CEO to leave

The BBC is carrying this today – Sheena Ramsey, the CEO of Knowsley Council, has revealed she will step down as part of a move to find £26m in savings over the next two years. The council will also cut 200 jobs over the same time frame.

Is this the whole story?

The Liverpool Echo has joined in – see link below – but……..


Mm, is the whole story then?