Cameron – one of those leaders who will be defined in history by a single enormous mistake

Another powerful piece spotted by Roy Connell on the Guardian web site – have a read of it via the link above.

Brexit – Another excuse for a further round of Labour blood letting!

You begin to wonder if the Labour Party can find anything they all do agree about.

I suppose it is no surprise that Labour’s ‘Red Tory’ MP’s are yet again after Corbyn following the EU Referendum catastrophe. They were always looking for the next opportunity.

And yes Labour did fail to engage with its white ‘working class’ (oh how I hate that terminology) membership/vote and yes, that is at least partly why you could argue (and I do) that we are in the mess that we are in.

BUT, the real culprits here are the Tories and that is where Labour’s energies needed to directed rather than towards their own troops via yet another internal punch up! It’s as though Labour’s right wing has lost all perspective on the real world and they really do think their internal wars are the most important thing.

And it’s because of Labour’s navel gazing that the Tories have been allowed to destroy our Country whilst having just a wafer thin majority and little public backing. Yes Labour, you as the main opposition party should have been leading the charge against the Tories not yet another one against Jeremy Corbyn!

Maybe if Labour’s right wing had not been spending all day every day during the Referendum campaign looking to wrong foot Corbyn then they might have spent some time speaking to that section of the Labour membership/vote in the north of England who were always likely to be drawn towards UKIP/Brexit. Instead of fighting UKIP and mad right wing Tories who were hell bent on destroying the UK Labour’s right wing thought that Corbyn bashing was the right thing to do! You just could not make this up.

And yes I know that Corbyn is no leader of men and women but that is not the point here. I think we all feel that Labour will in due course elect a new leader (although not I hope from the right wing again) but that was for another day. Using the EU campaign to try to unseat your own Leader (again) just let the UKIP and Tory nutters run free leaving the Scot Nats and Lib Dems to fill the void of the official UK opposition.