Labour – Still kicking lumps out of each other whilst backing the Tories Brexit plans

The BBC has the story – see its web site via the link above

I don’t know about you but I see Tom Watson as one of Labour’s many problems rather than someone who is trying to unite his Party.

As Deputy Leader he has gone along with Labour backing the Tories over Brexit so I rest my case.

When on earth will Labour realise it is the official opposition in Parliament rather than a Tory lap dog?

Labour crisis – Is the Glass half full or half empty?

You could not help but wonder yesterday what on earth was going on when Pat Glass MP resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet only two or is that 3 days after she accepted an invitation to join it as Shadow Education Secretary!

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She clearly does not know whether her glass is half full or half empty. I bet this will haunt her for a long time.

My understanding, from what I would consider a reliable Labour source, is that Sefton Central MP, Bill Esterson is backing Jeremy Corbyn together with fellow Merseyside Labour MP’s Peter Dowd (Bootle) and Steve Rotherham (Walton). Steve Rotherham of course wants to be Labour’s candidate in Merseyside’s new Metro Mayor election in 2017. If my understanding is not correct I am happy to amend as I notice that the MP’s were far less clear, than my source, in this weeks Champion newspaper.

BBC – Labour’s week: Fear and loathing in SW1

For those interested in how political parties work and clearly at times don’t work the link above takes you to a thoughtful piece by Iain Watson on the BBC web site.

Who is going to win the battle for Labour’s soul? The membership that backs overwhelmingly backs new Leader Jeremy Corbyn or the 90% of his MP’s who don’t back him. Ignoring my own anti-Labour bias this is a fascinating battle much of which is being played out day after day in broad day light. Just imagine what the exchanges are like behind the scenes!

Thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this story.