Ed Balls – He will not be turning back all the Coalition cuts?

When I read this recently I thought no it can’t be true. Labour nationally and locally have objected to all the Coalition’s cuts and savings so clearly they would be reversing them if they came into government again.

But no, it seems Labour have indeed said they will not be reversing the Coalition savings! Is this not saying one thing but doing just the opposite? Indeed, Labour are planning even deeper cuts in local government if they gain power at Westminster!

What about all those young people that Labour marched around Maghull protesting about cuts in youth services that Sefton Council was then implementing. It seems those young people were very much misled or could it be said lied to?

‘Labour would make savings of £500m in local government’ – Miliband – but not so keen to talk about their other cuts!

Goodness me the party that has previous said that virtually every cut in local government finances was unnecessary and has all but tried to give the impression that Labour would reverse all the cuts is now saying it will make an additional £500m cut in local government finances!

Now call me a cynic but could it be that Labour have been leading the Country up the garden path with all sorts of promises they have no intention of keeping?

And another take on Miliband’s plans…………..

Miliband rules out deficit cut details

Ed Miliband has stated that Labour will not reveal the level of cuts it intends to make to balance the current deficit until after the election.

That’s because potential Labour voters would be so horrified they would not vote for them at all!