And yet another MP resigns – Labour’s Tristram Hunt

Well if you were a right wing Labour Party member still clinging on to the view that Labour is not in deep difficulties this latest resignation should be a huge wake up call.

Having said that I take that with the vast majority of Labour’s members being left wing these days they will probably have seen him as a ‘Red Tory’ so may well be quite happy he is leaving their fold?

The Momentum is clearly with Labour’s left as the right are seemingly starting to give up the fight.

Former Maghull Library Site – Labour’s internal squabble was quite odd to say the least.

Firstly, a refresh, have a read of my previous posting on this rather bizarre matter of a few days ago:-

A report from a Sefton Focus Special Correspondent who witnessed Labour Councillors have a dig at their bosses on Sefton Council.

The former Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and old Maghull Library stand ripe for redevelopment in the heart of Maghull.

The former Stafford Moreton Youth Centre and old Maghull Library stand ripe for redevelopment in the heart of Maghull.

6 Labour councillors turned up to seemingly have a pop at their Labour bosses at the specially convened Sefton Council Scrutiny Committee and it started off with some audible Labour mutterings of internal discontent.

When the formal part of the Scrutiny Committee commenced a Labour back-bencher gave a speech which was based on Sefton’s Cabinet not taking into account information from the emerging Maghull Neighbourhood Plan and also not giving adequate consideration to ‘social value’ when they agreed to sell the former Maghull Library site to the highest bidder.

Now the reference to the Maghull Neighbourhood Plan is interesting as this Plan is little more than a Labour cover-up job to try to mitigate the worst effects of Labour’s Sefton Local Plan which aims to build many hundreds of houses and an industrial estate on high grade agricultural land around Maghull. Labour’s problem is that the Neighbourhood Plan had a very dodgy start and Maghull folk are simply not engaging with it. Here is a link to what happened when Labour launched it a couple of years ago:-

A second Labour back-bencher then spoke ‘as a member of public for Maghull’ and said they wanted nicer shops or words to that effect.

Then it should have been the turn of a Sefton Cabinet member to respond to the criticisms (or is that to justify the indefensible?) but the opportunity was declined in favour of a suggestion that the matter be sent back to the Labour-run Cabinet. It seems the Cabinet did not want to be exposed to questioning from opposition Lib Dem’s and grumbling Labour back-benchers.

It was then formally proposed by Lib Dem members that it indeed be sent back to the Cabinet for the matter to be reconsidered on the basis of the decision lacking in social value and no input into the decision to sell the land from Maghull’s Neighbourhood Plan. This was agreed.

What did we learn about this internal Labour bust-up? Well not a lot really as the Labour back-benchers were vague in their criticism and the Labour Cabinet members were not for being scrutinised in public. So the next stage is for the dig in the Labour’s ruler’s ribs (from their own side) to be formally considered by the Labour-run Cabinet. What will they do? Probably rubber stamp their original decision but will the Labour rebels turn up and press their case again? Disgrace and disciplining come to mind between now and then and the carpet being lifted so this matter can quietly be brushed underneath!

More on the dilemma that Labour MP’s face

I have been following, as readers of this blog site will know, the dilemma of Labour MP’s after the election of Jeremy Corbyn as their Leader. It is all too obvious that the vast majority of Labour MP’s did not want him as their Leader and they still don’t want him.

Yesterday of course the Labour Leadership via Shadow chancellor John McDonnell did a huge U turn and decided not to support the Tories financial planning for the public deficit, a plan they said they were going to support only a few days ago!

Also, have you noticed that Labour MP’s who do not support Jeremy Corbyn seem to express their loyalty to the Labour Party and not to their Leader? This has to end in tears.

So here we have a political party which its ordinary members and supporters now have a Leader they want, voted for by a huge majority and are loyal to. None of the other candidates came anywhere near presumably because Labour members thought they were all too far to the right. Yet the vast majority of Labour MP’s are backers of the 3 candidates who lost, or to put it bluntly got hammered, in the Leadership election.

My reading of this bizarre situation is that this is far from being a sustainable situation and that something has to give. In the real world of party politics the ‘give’ can only really be a coup by Labour MP’s or the MP’s who are not supportive of Jeremy Corbyn being deselected.