Where to now for Labour and the left on Merseyside and the UK?


The Liverpool Echo has a story (written just before the announcement that Corbyn had won) which quotes my Lib Dem colleague Cllr. Richard Kemp – see link above.

Trouble is that the Labour membership was not able to vote for a credible alternative candidate to Corbyn as there was no such candidate on the ballot paper; general opinion was that Smith was a poor lightweight in a heavyweight battle.

Even odder, from my perspective, are the comments of Mayor Anderson who to many in Liverpool is a part the problem rather than a part of the solution to the City’s problems! He may well not want to drag Liverpool Labour back to the politics of the 1980’s but he is just one person who sounds to me more and more like a dictator.

The left of British politics is in a mess and Richard Kemp is right that it gives the Tories free reign to do as they please. But you know, in my view, much of what is happening now goes back at least to Blair and his right wing government.

Prison Break – Labour MP’s demand answers after prisoner escapes from guards and becomes Leader of Labour Party

Following the decade’s highest profile prison break there are demands from many right wing Labour MP’s for the circumstances of the breakout to investigated.

Mr. B(ig) Control-Freak MP said “Prisoner No.59.5% held in Clause 4 Wing had been securely behind bars, together with all those suspected of being ‘lefties’, since the infamous purges (chases) of the Cannock era; that they should all escape now and become our Leaders is embarrassing and unacceptable.”

Another right winger who did not want to be identified said “He was locked up and the key had been chucked away so how did he get out and miraculously become Labour Leader? And how many more lefties have found their way into the Labour Party; it’s just not on!”

“The prison was supposed to be as secure as Alcatraz, no one could get out, yet left wingers have thrown open the gates and subjected Labour to a coup.” added another desperate Glairite MP.

But the killer comment came from Just(in) Toofarright MP who said “We killed off the left wingers, took the Party on to success as Red Tories and now we are back on the left again and I don’t like it one bit. We are Conservatives with a small ‘c’ and we need to snatch power back again ASAP.”

Investigating officer Tyme Fahrenheit responded to the majority of desperate Labour MP’s by offering them no reassurance what so ever, so it looks like they will either have to switch to being proper socialists or join the Tories as opposed to pretending to be Tories when it suited them. Any with a real social conscience who have not gone around bashing the poor and disadvantaged may be given an opportunity to redeem themselves via the Liberal cause it is suggested.

Initial investigation conclusions indicate that Labour shot itself in the foot by offering votes (get out of jail free passes) to anyone who wanted one. This in turn opened the flood (prison) gates and the previously captive simply put themselves back in the saddle as though they had never fallen off.

Labour – I know a person who voted in their leadership election who is a member of another party

No it was not me and no it was not another Lib Dem member but it is as far as I am aware a true story.

You see this person got a ballot paper and voted but they did not vote for Corbyn. Ah I hear you say, that’s alright then as the Labour Big Wigs were only trying to disallow votes for Corbyn.

Well yes, that’s right so we must assume that either those doing the sifting of the votes did not twig that the person was a member of another party or that they did twig but having realised the vote was not for Corbyn let it through.

We will never know of course.

Bill Esterson MP on the Labour Leadership

6th September 2015 via Twitter – “It’s between Andy Burnham and Jeremy Corbyn in the #labourleadership election. Only Andy can unite our party and win in 2020. #Andy4Leader”

and 8 days later

14th September 2015 via Southport Vister newspaper web site -“Jeremy has a popular mandate and we should respect that. He has the backing of the members and he has my backing as leader of my party.”

No mention of winning in 2020 now but one thing’s for sure it would surely never have happened under Burnham and is highly unlikely to happen under Corbyn.

Tony Blair, Andy Burnham and Joe Anderson – It’s a nightmare team to me


The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

Who on Merseyside thinks that Tony Blair has any credibility these days? Why would folks take on board his views about anything following the Iraq War? Is Joe in effect writing his resignation letter as Mayor of Liverpool by backing Blair? Surely Labour members will not keep Joe on after he agrees with Blair? What does Burnham think needs to be said today to get Labour members to vote for him?

Blair, Burnham and Anderson sounds more like a firm of undertakers to me out for a trip in boat holed below the waterline.

How Labour will top losing the election – By losing its own leadership contest?


Frankie Boyle in the Guardian – see link above – has an amusing take on Labour’s internal election debacle. Funny but telling.

Thanks to Jen Robertson for the lead to this story.