Sturgeon V Burnham

Or is that Jimmy Krankie V Andy Capp?

Sturgeon, who comes across as a tough Glasgow political street fighter, takes on Greater Manchester’s Scouse Mayor who tries to portray himself as the fighter for the common northern man and woman. Well, there’s only going to one winner in that spat and it’s not Andy Capp. Frankly, Burham’s not in the same league as Sturgeon; he’s more a shouter from the sidelines in my view.

Yes I know, I’ve never rated Burnham as readers of this blog site will know. He’s always struck me as a populist follower rather than a leader of progressives. And wasn’t he close to NHS privatisation during the Blair years?

But whilst the spat is ostensibly about whether Manchester/Salford folk can travel to Scotland during the present Covid 19 situation the reality seems to be that Burnham, you might say cleverly, is using the issue to promote what looks like his ongoing plan/campaign to run for Labour Leader leader (again). This on the basis that, as many within the Labour Party seem to think, Starmer is forced to call it a day or is told to call it a day. But let’s not forget that Burnham has stood for leader previously and if memory serves his performance hardly won many hearts and minds. The reality is, of course, that Starmer will probably limp on until the next general election so Burnham has a while yet to find a safe seat. If he does stand then it will be to try to pick up the leaders job.

So would Labour do any better with a populist (with a conscience) as their leader especially one who is clearly a northerner? That’s a question no one presently has an answer to but you can bet it’s exercising many a Labour strategist mind presently. Of course, as I’ve already indicated Burnham will have to find a safe Labour seat to become an MP once again as his old seat (Leigh) is now represented by a Tory! And that very situation kind of sums up how left of centre politics has been unable to find answers to populist right-wing politics (with little or no conscience).

With credit to Private Eye re. Andy Capp

Conservatives – Doomed, doomed they’re all doomed!!!!!

A mate of mine suggested I have a look at a posting on the Conservative Home website because he said the utter misery the Tories are suffering is openly being talked about there. And so it is….

The few moderate Tories left these days are clearly ashamed of what their party is doing to the UK and of course we all know this. But at the other end of the scale where most Tory members and supporters sit these days are the Brexiteers, a colourful bunch of people seemingly totally out of touch with reality.

So Tory canvassers are getting grief from ordinary moderate folk who realise Teresa May is taking the UK to hell over Brexit and also from the far right who want all the Brexit misery full on no matter what the consequences.

I imagine that Labour canvassers are also getting loads of grief too with the vast majority of its members and supporters being Remainers whilst their Leadership is, like the Tory leadership, trying to deliver what becomes a more unpopular Brexit day by day.

I must say that reading the Conservative Home article pleased me as there’s nothing so good as seeing your political opponents suffering. However, the really worrying thing is these people are currently running or more precisely ruining the country, in part at least because they have the ‘benefit’ of an appalling Official Labour Opposition who can’t it seems oppose!

With thanks to Bob for the lead to this posting…..

Brexit has always been about the Tory Party’s splits

Brexit has always been about the Tory Party trying to grapple with its opposing factions and the referendum was called to help heal Tory splits. But of course, it has widened those splits whilst bizarrely dragging in some Labour folk who should know a lot better than to have joined in.

It really is time for Labour to come off the fence and be very clear that they will fight Brexit in all its forms. It’s no use Labour leaders calling for a Brexit on their terms as it will be just as bad as the Tory Brexit. Only staying in the EU will protect jobs, the NHS and our economy – it’s not rocket science Jeremy.

Jeremy what would you do with him?

When Jeremy Corbyn got himself elected as Labour Leader my first thought was, at last Labour will become the socialist party that it should always have been. I also felt a little sorry for him as the right wing press and the right wing of his own party tried to undermine his leadership. Of course I’m no socialist and no supporter of the Labour Party but Labour moving to the left is where they belong to my mind.

Now don’t get me wrong Jez is a second division politician who got himself elected almost by default but he clearly has what one could call a cult-type following, which I have blogged about previously. That he is a second division politician has been born out though by his approach to the two big issues of our time.

Firstly, no leader of a progressive party could in any way back the right wing policy that is Brexit, yet he has done so whilst seemingly believing that there will be no job losses due to it! A detachment from realty is obvious as Brexit will lead to job losses and the poor will be made poorer. What kind of socialist or progressive stance is that?

Secondly, he’s got Labour up to it neck in antisemitism! How on earth has he managed to engineer a situation where such allegations can be made and why has he failed to address those most serious allegations of racism that are now being aimed at Labour, often from its own members. His cult devotees say it’s all a right wing conspiracy against Jez but really, saying that may comfort them but they must know it is a hole of the Labour leadership’s own digging.

Someone needs to take the shovel off Jez or he’ll soon dig another hole for Labour to fall into whilst the Tories continue to bumble on towards a most appalling Brexit for us all because they benefit from having no serious Official Opposition.

Angela Eagle – Is she going to be deselected if she tries to decapitate Corbyn?

As Her Majesty’s Official Opposition continues to fall apart in front of the whole Country I have been pondering on what will happen to Angela Eagle MP if she does decided to stand against Jeremy Corbyn.

Here are some links to a Facebook posting, the Guardian newspaper and Wirral Globe newspaper. Taken together you would not put Angela Eagles chances of surviving an attempt to deselect her very high:-

This more and more looks like a fight to the death for the soul of the Labour Party with the Red Tories desperate to stop the Party becoming a truly socialist political movement.

I know quite a few Labour Party members, mainly through my time as a trade union officer/activist, and I must say that the vast majority of them are Corbyn supporters. I have heard some right wing Labour voices but they are all but drowned out. As for Angela Eagle she may just have pushed her luck too far already.

Merseyside Labour’s big shots who barked up the wrong tree – What will become of them?

It was this recent article in the Liverpool Echo (see link above) that made me think about how many of Merseyside’s Labour MP’s and prominent local authority notables must now be pondering their future because they backed the wrong horse in the 2015 Labour Leadership election. The link below reminds us of those who publicly backed Andy Burnham, a chap many see as being very much on the right wing of the Labour Party.

This link shows just how many of the big beasts in Labour’s Merseyside jungle refused to back Corbyn who, of course, won the election by a landslide. However, some of them were then quick on their feet though as they saw the way the wind was blowing. They got a place in Corbyn’s team even though they had publicly made it very clear they saw Andy Burnham as Labour’s only credible Leader.

Many of my friends in the trade union movement, who have not been Labour Party members for many years are rejoining the Labour now to try to shore up Corbyn who remains under attack from many of his MP’s, despite Labour’s membership being very much behind him.

At face value Labour is returning to what in my mind it should be i.e. a clearly socialist party as opposed to the social democrat and even Christian Democrat one it became under Blair and Brown. Indeed, the ferocity of Labour attacks on those who rely on welfare/benefits to survive before the 2015 General Election made many of us wonder just how far to the right Labour was capable/prepared to travel. Of course those making these appalling attacks were dubbed ‘Red Tories’.

I am sure, like me, you can also sumise that the new socialist members of the Labour Party across Merseyside will have a copy of ‘that letter’. Surely they will be using it as a good starting point to deselect the MP’s and Labour worthies who penned it?

Will those who have been trying to re-position themselves as no longer anti-Corbyn, in the hope they can dodge the culling that surely must be on the cards, save themselves with their fancy footwork? Time will tell.

Why you can almost hear the words of Sir Humphrey saying ‘that was very brave’ to those who signed the letter which some if not all of them may one day very much wish they had not sent.