Maghull – Can Labour not find a Maghull candidate to stand for Sudell Ward?

Some rather bizarre news has come to my attention and it’s with regard to who the Labour Candidate is to be in Sefton Council’s Sudell Ward in May’s local elections. The ward covers the eastern side of Maghull. It’s none other than the present Labour Councillor for Sefton’s Harrington Ward in Formby, Nina Killen.

The following is from the web site of Sefton Central Labour MP Bill Esterson

‘Nina Killen is Harington Ward’s Labour Councillor.

Cllr Killen is a Formby mum and a national newspaper journalist. She is a member of Formby’s Holy Trinity Church.’ and ‘she works with her fellow members of Formby Labour Action Team to ensure that the concerns and issues of her fellow Formby residents are tackled.’

No mention of Maghull here and no mention of her leaving Formby either.

Now then why is Nina, who is quite obviously a Formby resident, wanting to stop representing her own community and at the same time make a bid to represent another community that she clearly does not live in? Why does Maghull Labour Party need to import a candidate from another community? Is the long list of Maghull Labour Councillors resigning in recent times an indicator to the answer to the last question? What’s happening to the present Labour Councillor for Sudell Ward whose seat it is that comes up for re-election in May?

Maghull Labour are a cocky lot and you wonder if they have concluded that they can put any name on a ballot paper and because they wear a Labour rosette the good folks of Maghull will automatically elect them. This may or may not be a correct gamble of course but it still begs the questions above to which I assume we will not be getting any answers soon.

All very intriguing.

Maghull Labour – Yet another resignation!!!!!

What is it with Labour councillors in Maghull, they seem to resign by the minute and it has happened yet again with a Cllr. Jenny Southern going!

Maghull Town Hall

Labour was only elected with a clean sweep of 16 councillors on Maghull Town Council in May of this year yet already one has gone and that follows the almost too many to count (9 in fact – including one in Formby) Labour resignations of recent times.

Notice of vacancy posted on Maghull Town Hall

Notice of vacancy posted on Maghull Town Hall

My previous posting (amongst many) when the 9th resigned is available below:-

Sefton Central Labour – 9th Councillor resigns!

What is it about the Sefton Central Labour Party and its resigning councillors? 9 of them have now gone since late 2011.


To date all of them have been from the Maghull part of the constituency where 8 Labour Councillors have chucked the towel into the ring. Now a 9th Labour member has resigned, this time from Formby.

What is it with Labour councillors resigning in Sefton Central Constituency? All political parties face the odd councillor resigning now and again for all sorts of reasons but 9 all from one party in one constituency in just over 3 years!

Answers on a post card to Sefton Central Labour Party as they could clearly do with some advice in this area of local governance.