Labour loves tennis – OK but why the obsession with this particular sport?

Readers will recall that in closing down the innovative and unique Youth Coffee Bar in Maghull Town Hall Maghull Labour said it was to change the offer to local youth and that they were introducing tennis coaching as an alternative.

Maghull TH Youth Coffee Bar before Labour shut it

Maghull TH Youth Coffee Bar before Labour shut it

Well hard on the heels of that momentous (some would say ridiculous) decision neighbouring Lydiate Labour (who run Lydiate Parish Council) are trumpeting that they have refurbished the tennis courts (rebuilt the fencing) at Sandy Lane Park, a project that the Lib Dem opposition on Lydiate Parish Council supported I might add.

So Labour in Maghull & Lydiate are keen on tennis, that seems very clear. So keen in fact that they were willing to shut down an all year round youth facility in Maghull seemingly so that tennis coaching can be offered as an alternative by Labour-run Maghull Town Council. Maghull Council does not have any non-Labour members by the way.

Looks like Labour thinks they may have the tennis vote all sown up in Lydiate and Maghull. Trouble is they have successfully alienated many local young people in the process and may have made themselves about as unpopular with the younger generation (all except tennis players of course) as Nick Clegg did when he U turned on Tuition Fees! What’s more the surface of the Lydiate tennis courts leaves much to be desired but more on that in a further posting.

Labour – giving their council candidates that little bit of extra help?

Now call me a cynic but should I have been surprised to see an article featuring a Labour council candidate in a Maghull community newspaper only weeks before an election? You see the article, all about active birth classes for mums to be, featured Labour’s Sudell Ward candidate for the Sefton Council elections on May 5th.

Of course the article made no mention of the person’s candidature but a little bit of extra exposure can’t have done the candidate any harm now can it? If they had not been a candidate in the forthcoming elections would the article have appeared? And what about the other candidates in Sudell ward will they be given similar exposure to balance things up? Oh, but hang on this is a three monthly/quarterly publication so how can things be balanced up?

The publication, Maghull Press, comes out via Maghull Town Council which strangely is Labour-run, surely there is no connection though?

And to add to the pot I went to a Lydiate Parish Council meeting last Tuesday and had to put a stop to a Lydiate Parish Council publication, which like Maghull Press will be going to each household in Lydiate.

That publication (all about Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan) was only in draft but oddly it featured on the front page a picture of the Labour candidate for Park Ward in the forthcoming elections. Clearly this was an inadvertent error in the drafting process – don’t ask who drafted it.

Obviously Lydiate Parish Council, also Labour run, would not want to be giving the Labour candidate in Park ward an extra leg up so I helped them out by objecting to the photo on the grounds that it could get them into difficulties if they went ahead and published it as in the draft form.

But who is is looking after the editorial issues at Maghull Press? Do they know they may have put themselves in a position where they could be accused of party political bias? How will they try to redress any perception of bias in favour of one candidate in May’s elections. They can consider this posting to be their invitation to re-balance things but will they?