Brexit – Labour have a bloody cheek having already backed the Tory’s Hard Brexit at any cost!

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I despair I really do! The party has that has back the Tories pretty much every inch of the way towards Brexit now has the bare-faced cheek to talk about what they will not support about Brexit.

Hey Mr. Starmer that horse has bolted with the Labour Leadership riding it! What’s the point in locking the stable door now, unless you are trying to cover Labour’s tracks.

Labour – Now then Jeremy can you be clear? – Sadly it seems not

The link above to the Independent web site is amusing but it also hits fair and square at Labour’s weakness these days – their inability to be clear about things. This is just another example when they have also been all over the place about Brexit amongst other things.

On Brexit their MP’s and Lords were whipped to back Teresa May’s Government yet Jeremy then pops up to say he backs campaigns to ensure EU citizens get the right to stay in the UK after we have left it. But hang on a minute Labour MP’s and Lords had just voted to back the Governments position i.e. not to guarantee such rights in Parliament!

Of course locally here in Sefton we had Labour pledging to save the Green Belt from development whilst in the Council Chamber of Sefton they voted to release Green Belt land for development.

Saying one thing and then backing the opposite seems to be what Labour is all about these days. They may well be incapable of being a Government but they are also seemingly incapable of being an effective opposition either.

With thanks to Jen for the lead to this posting