Osborne/Anderson – is this some form of political love in?

From the Liverpool Echo web site – Mr Osborne also declared his “door was open” to Joe Anderson over proposals for a Merseyside Mayor, providing it is the wish of voters in the area.


Well here’s a odd story. A Tory Chancellor seemingly trying to do Liverpool’s Labour Mayor a favour in his ambitions to run all our lives across Merseyside/The Liverpool City Region.

But is it odd? Well not if you look back at the history of the Tories backing Labour on Merseytravel/Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority. Or what about the short lived Tory/Labour joint administration on Sefton Council in 2008.

These old and supposedly very opposed political enemies are closer than most voters would realise or care for. No one other then the Labour Party will thank George Osborne for giving Joe the power to run Southport, St Helens, Runcorn, Formby, Birkenhead, Maghull, Prescot or anywhere else outside of his present Liverpool boundaries.

No Mr. Osborne we don’t wish for this scenario thank you very much!