Austerity under Labour will be worse than under this Government

One thing I have noticed in recent times is that Labour don’t have the heart to go in for many shouting sessions about the Coalition Government and these days, the odd mumbled derogatory remark about the cuts is about all you hear.

Why is this? Well it’s because Labour councillors know that if Labour wins the next General election it will impose greater cuts in public expenditure than the present Government. It’s hard to rant and rave knowing this.

But only a couple of years ago Labour were condemning all the austerity measures (caused by their mismanagement of the economy and the recession I would add) and saying at a local level how Labour would reverse all the cuts and there would be money left over for just about any cause you could mention. Ed Balls effectively stopped such ludicrous commentary by saying how hard Labour would be in reducing the national deficit that they had done more than their fair share to create.

And I say this now why? Well on Thursday 2nd October I attended a meeting of Merseyside Fire Authority where some very significant savings have to be made involving merging/closing some fire stations to balance the books.

Yes, Labour had their little digs about the Coalition but frankly I got the distinct impression they were going through the motions and their heart was simply not in it. Not once did a Labour member say that come a Labour Government being elected more money would be handed out to stop the savings having to be made.

On the other hand the Fire Brigade Union was singing from the same hymn sheet that Labour lost a while ago. But then again they are genuine socialists who believe in common ownership and the kind of socialist governance of the UK that Labour ditched a couple of generations ago.

You get the impression that Labour still likes to pretend it is a socialist organisation despite it being more capitalist by the day. They like the comradely trappings of the Red Flag but their policies are very much wrapped in a free market flag.

Miliband/Balls – Labour’s big cuts in public expenditure start to take shape

Labour plans to end automatic benefits for young jobless

Middle-class parents could be responsible for looking after their children until they are 22 if they cannot find a job, under new plans outlined by the Labour leader Ed Miliband. Under a Labour government, Mr Miliband will end the automatic entitlement to Jobseeker’s Allowance for people aged between 18 and 21. It will be replaced by a means-tested benefit based on parental income. It will also be conditional on young adults taking part in training courses and trying to find work. Mr Miliband’s pledge reflects a recognition of anger among some voters that some people are getting “something for nothing” out of the welfare system. A YouGov poll for the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has found that 78% of people believe that the welfare system is failing to reward people who have worked and contributed to it. Mr Miliband will also back proposals for local councils to be given more control of the housing benefit budget.

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Why you can almost hear the howls of indignation from the Labour Party should this ‘cuts’ proposal have come from the Coalition Government!