Labour and Brexit – I despair I really do

Below is a cutting from Friday’s ‘I’ newspaper and the big question is, what on earth is Emily Thornberry on about?

We don’t have to leave the Customs Union at all and frankly it seems utter nonsense to do so. On that basis why is Labour’s policy seemingly (and I say seemingly as nothing is clear with Labour – or the Tories for that matter – when it comes to Brexit) to leave it and then try to re-negotiate something pretty much the same!

Why oh why can’t Labour do their job as the Official Opposition and try opposing the Tories over Brexit for once? It seems however that they want a hard Brexit to go through, despite knowing that it will make the poor poorer for example, all so that they can sit back and try to claim it was the Tories fault. What a mad position for a supposedly progressive party of the left to hold when Labour could make sure that our minority Tory Government is defeated by working with the SNP, Greens, Lib Dems and Welsh Nationalists.

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Corbyn – So why does he seemingly have a downer on the poor and young folk?

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

Well it’s the poor and the young who are going to suffer most from his and Teresa May’s policy of Brexit so for me it’s clear.

I know quite a number of Labour members and supporters and I can only recall one of them being a Brexiter, whats more recent polls seem to indicate that around 80% of Labour Party members oppose Brexit.

For all his bluster Corbyn’s voting record over many years shows him to be very much a Brexiter, so no wonder Labour is in a pickle over the EU.

But here’s the rub, many Labour supporters and indeed members are of the view that Corbyn is playing what they call a ‘long game’ and that he will eventually reveal himself as a Remainer. Trouble is having forced many reluctant Labour MP’s to vote with the Tories over Brexit time and again how on earth do you reverse such a stance and have any credibility at all?

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

Our political leaders put party before people

An old Liberal slogan has been brought to mind in recent times

‘Putting people before politics’

and it couldn’t be a more apt phrase to sum up the times that we live in because most of the time the opposite is true.

These days, probably more than in the past, our politicians see themselves as doing the right thing by being loyal to their party and what it tells them to do and how to vote. Only rarely will a brave few break ranks and defy their party. Looking at it more cynically though most MP’s these days are career politicians so voting the way they are told ensures that they get reselected so keeping their job.

Recently 12 Conservative MP’s stood up and very publicly voted against their party in a crucial Brexit vote, a vote where, for once, Labour did not back our disgraced and shambolic Bluekip government over Brexit.

But one of the brave Tory MP’s (he actually abstained) said this and what a telling if probably unintended insight into the world of party politics it is:-

‘For me, this was a point of principle and just occasionally in one’s life one has to put principle before party’

The MP, according to the i newspaper, was John Stevenson.

To me he inadvertently opened a window on a world where loyalty to a political party is much of the time more important than the common good and it sums up how weak our politicians have become.

Where are the rebels of the past who would not be whipped? Where are the political leaders who would do the right thing rather than what’s in the best interests of their party political sect?

Yes a few Tory MP’s had been whipped once too often on this occasion but there has been vote after vote over Brexit where both Labour and the Tory Parties have whipped their MP’s to vote the pro-Brexit party line. Yes there have been Labour rebels too over Brexit (around 40 last time) but how many MP’s from both the main parties would have voted differently over Brexit if they had not been whipped?

Surely, we want our MP’s to be more free thinking individuals who whilst coalescing around the core beliefs of their chosen political party are quite happy to say ‘no’ when that party asks them to vote in a way they don’t agree with. Well that is what we want is it not?

Labour and its pro-Brexit (Tory opposing/supporting) stance

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

Frankly I’m not surprised by this poll, Labour’s positioning on this most crucial of matters is not one that a supposedly progressive party should be taking and their more enlightened supporters know it.

I know many decent Labour Party members who are keeping their heads down hoping that JC/Momentum will come to their senses on stop backing Teresa May’s mad Brexit.

I also appreciate that within the Labour Party loyalty to the party is absolute so that’s why few will challenge the ruling JC/Momentum sect’s view of things in public. But surely something has to give within Labour as Brexit will destroy the prospects of the very young people that Momentum is harvesting as its core supporters.

This quote from the article is illuminating:- ‘The poll also found many Labour voters have opposing perceptions about the party’s current stance on Brexit. It found 32% of Labour remain voters believe Labour is “completely against Brexit” and a further 31% of Labour leave voters believe Labour is “completely in favour of Brexit”.

This can only surely be explained away by the fact that Labour attacks the Government over Brexit by word but backs it by deed in House of Commons votes.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – Labour’s been backing it but wants to stop the consequences of it – Yes I know that’s just nuts

That our Bluekip Government, propped up by the right wing DUP, have been driving us ever nearer to the Brexit cliff edge is bad enough but with Labour embarrassingly hanging on to May’s Brexit shambles of a coattail is just too much.

Yes I know Labour’s right wing working class supporters mainly voted for Brexit but the sad fact is that they, being amongst the poorest in our society, will in all probability come of worst when May (together with Corbyn?) really do jump off that Brexit cliff.

Have Labour forgotten that the Official Opposition is there to oppose – it’s what our democratic processes have been all about for donkey’s years!

But what started my latest Brexit rant? Well I don’t read newspapers much these days but I happened to come across a copy of the Sunday Mirror the other day – it was from 12th November. And here’s the headline my eyes lighted upon:-

The point being that Labour’s Keir Starmer is trying to amend Tory legislation so that workers rights are protected when Brexit hits us because those rights are under great threat from Brexiters who are using the EU Referendum result to attack them.

It’s not that Starmer is wrong to try to amend the legislation but what is wrong is that Labour continues to back Brexit which in turn presents our Bluekip/DUP Government with the opportunity to bash workers rights!

You really could not make this up, it’s as though Labour support the Brexit principle, despite the damage it’s going to do to us all (the poor in particular), but they plod on backing it whist trying to change the consequences of it. Have they not thought it’s time to stop backing the process that’s causing all the trouble in the first place?

Corbyn ‘If the government can’t negotiate a Brexit deal, they should make way for one that can’

Well here we are with JC in full Brexit cry saying what the Tories can’t negotiate Labour can! It would be funny if it were not so wrong headed.

JC’s Labour have been in Teresa May’s back pocket with regard to Brexit for far too long – they’re like two peas in a pod. Yes, sensible Labour voices like Sadiq Khan keep challenging the Labour Leadership’s barmy stance on Brexit but JC and his shadow cabinet keep on running for the cliff edge with the Tories.

What on earth can JC do to negotiate a good Brexit? There is no good Brexit just differing shades of a bad one. He needs vast taxation revenues to be able to fund his massive spending plans yet Brexit will without doubt lead to huge costs for the Treasury meaning he won’t have the funds to spend without more dangerous borrowing. Indeed, his leadership is already planning for a run on the £ if he gets a majority – planning for a run on the £!!! And how’s that going to provide money for his spending pledges?

Teresa is making a terrible muck of things but JC could not possibly be any better in fact he could well be worse, if such were possible.

Brexit is like fools gold, it looks like what some folk would want it to be but in reality it is worthless.