Brexit – The bind that Labour has put itself in

The Independent has the story on its web site – see link above

OK I’m no fan of the Labour Party but trying to look at their somewhat bizarre positioning over Brexit I really do scratch my head.

When Corbyn speaks about it you are not at all sure what view he actually holds over Brexit; a bit like Farron and his religious muddle. Does Corbyn think the EU is a capitalist conspiracy or not? I suspect he does but needs to kerb his public statements to keep his party pointing in roughly the same direction over Brexit.

Of course he and his leadership did not want to debate Brexit at their recent conference because to have done so would have exposed the deep divisions within Labour.

That the biggest issue of the day, probably of the decade, is being ignored by the UK’s second largest political party is indeed very bizarre.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

Brexit – And the shambolic negotiations stumble on

The story is linked above to the original article by Tom Brake MP.

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake

Maybe Bill Esterson MP, the Labour International Trade Shadow Minister, could help? He was on Radio 5 Live a couple of days ago giving the socialist ‘perspective’ on the matter. My previous posting refers at:-

Boris, Davis and Fox – The 3 Tory Brexit Ministers – They look shmbolic but what would be different under Labour?

That our 3 Brexit Ministers and indeed our Tory/DUP Brexit Government look to be all over the place with regard to pursuing the Nation’s mass suicide wish is a given.

That Labour shout about the muddle and lack of policy direction from the sidelines is also a given.

But what would be different under a Corbyn Government when Labour actually shares a pretty similar Brexit agenda to the Tories? Labour’s manifesto for the 2017 General Election was clear in that it advocated leaving the EU so would they not be in the same tangle and policy black hole if they had won in June as opposed to the the Tories and their DUP allies?

It strikes me as beyond belief that the major party of opposition is on the same page as the Government with regard to the most significant policy issue of a generation. Where’s the opposition? How can there be any opposition when Labour MP’s, despite their Brexit bluster, are being whipped into backing the Tories Brexit Plans whatever they may be?

It is more than likely that our economy will continue to decline because of Brexit, that jobs will be at risk, that Government revenues will fall and that public services and therefore welfare will be hit hard. On that basis how on earth is an incoming Labour Government going to fund all the myriad of things that it claims to want to fund from the public purse?

And it’s this conundrum that leads me to think that Labour, as much as the Tories, are simply not thinking through the consequences of backing Brexit whilst they try hard to be popularist. Both want to be seen as backing the 52% in the EU Referendum because they want to be pursuing the will of the electorate. Yet they both know that beneath the veil of populism Brexit means only one significant thing – a poorer country with less influence on world affairs. Neither seem to know how they will deal with these stark facts when they become the view of an electorate which will then surely turn on their leaders and blame them for misleading them about the consequences of Brexit. Well all except that section of Brexiters who bizarrely want the pain and misery for their friends, family and country.

As a Liberal and as a trade unionist my thoughts are always with those who are missing out in our society; the poor in particular are surely going to be the major losers when the economy tanks and even a Corbyn Government, should there be one, will not be able to fund the welfare system that it dreams of. They won’t fund it and other promised public expenditure because Government revenues will simply not be there and the alternative of borrowing more money will simply tip the UK economy over the edge again.

So what is Labour’s answer to Brexit? Sit and watch the Brexit 3 make a complete mess of things, blame them for the mess and point out how much better things would have gone had Labour been negotiating the UK leaving the EU? But surely that will not wash? Surely the electorate will look at Labour and say hang on a minute you wanted what the Tories wanted over Brexit so you are as much to blame as the Tories.

And there’s the rub, Labour have to hope that the Brexit 3 and our Tory Government make such a mess of the Brexit negotiations (which is in no way in the interests of the UK) that the electorate will be convinced that there was in fact a more sensible and benign way to leave the EU (although there wasn’t) and that Labour would have pursued it if it had been in Government. Best of luck with that plan Corbynistas – you need the Country to tank so you look like heroes but then you won’t have a brass Farthing to bless the poor with even if you gain power!

An opposition with a backbone is required and the way Labour are going it won’t be them.

Stop press:-

On the day I published this posting I became aware that my own Labour MP for Sefton Central had been interviewed only hours earlier about Labour’s Brexit position and he tried hard to make things clear, or not, as the case may be:-

Emma Barnett asked the Shadow International Trade Minister Bill Esterson five times if Labour would leave the customs union on 5 Live Daily. The Politics Home web site has the video and story:-

Brexit – What on earth are Labour up to?

Tim Farron my party leader sent me this e-mail yesterday:-

Tonight, in the House of Commons MPs voted on an amendment to the Queen’s Speech that would have kept us in the Single Market.

All Twelve Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour. As did 89 MPs from other parties.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to abstain – and as a result, the amendment was defeated by 221 votes.

I wish I could say I was surprised. But once again, Jeremy Corbyn has shown his true colours.

Yet again, he has forced Labour MPs to back a Tory hard Brexit.

On the most important issue of the day, Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to sit on their hands.

I’m sorry we didn’t win tonight’s vote.

Thank you for all your support and commitment – together, we have kept our membership of the single market on the table.

Tonight’s vote isn’t the end of our campaign. The single market is so important, for jobs, for our economy and for our future.

We have to keep on fighting. We have to persuade this Conservative Brexit Government and their staunchest ally, Jeremy Corbyn, to change course. Before it’s too late.

Thank you,

Tim Farron

Leader of the Liberal Democrats

I have also seen Labour’s Deputy Leader Tom Watson being cornered on Channel 4 News and asked what the difference is between Labour’s policy on Brexit and that being pursued by the Tories. He could not answer and responded by saying that he did not know what the Tory policy was, or words to that effect. Trouble for him is he could easily have been talking about Labour’s Brexit policy muddle!

Pleased to see that some Labour MP’s defied the Corbyn whip and voted to keep us in the Single Market though.

Brexit – ‘Britain being led to epic act of self harm’

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

If this thoughtful assessment of the UK’s perilous situation does not sober up the mad Brexiters in the Tory and Labour parties I am not at all sure what on earth will.

Mrs. May and her Brexit lapdog Mr. Corbyn potentially have us on the road to utter ruin. They may well have swallowed UKIP’s mad ideas of isolation, closed borders and Little England but the prospect of no deal with the EU and a government of Bluekip or Redkip with no idea how to stop digging the vast Brexit hole we are already in any deeper is horrifying indeed.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

Do you want a say on life after Brexit? There’s only one place you’ll get it.

The Guardian has the story on its web site – see link above

Quote from the article:-

‘This nasty, Ukip-inspired version of Brexit will isolate us from our European neighbours, threatening our security and our prosperity. I believe we all should have the right to decide whether it’s a deal we want for Britain. We should be given the chance to vote in a second referendum once the full terms of the negotiations, and the implications for our country, become clear.

Only the Liberal Democrats are offering a second referendum, which is why I am delighted to be joining a party which is on the right side of this historic debate.’

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting