Maghull/Lydiate Labour – made up stories & misinformation in their upside down world

Labour leaflets in the Maghull & Lydiate area in recent times have been little more than bizarre with oft repeated stories that are utterly ridiculous and untrue.

Maghull Town Hall Roof repairs/refurbishment – It cost £500,000 say Labour – In the words of the independent Clerk to Maghull Town Council ‘The actual cost was £206,816.79’. Labour also say they had to take out a loan to pay for the work. No they did not, they had the option to take out a loan and they chose to do that.

Closure of Deyes Lane Post Office – Labour say it closed because of the Lib Dems. Utter nonsense, it closed because the Post Master retired and no one wanted to take over the Post Office in the Deyes Lane row of Shops. The only offer that the Post Office had was for a new Post Office which has now opened at the Moss Lane/Dodds Lane junction about half a mile away. I have a letter from the Post Office confirming the reasons for the closure.

Green Bin Tax – Labour say they rejected the Lib Dem green bin tax. We never proposed a green bin tax for Sefton; it was Labour who proposed it! We fought against Labour’s green bin tax and they eventually backed off.

Top Lib Dem resigns? – This is a Labour headline in their recent leaflets but no one knows who they are taking about. No top Lib Dem has resigned in Maghull and Lydiate. Labour seem to play this odd card in relation to Cllr. Andrew Blackburn but he was sat there large as life at a Maghull Town Council meeting only last week, which is more than you can say for 8 Labour councillors who have resigned in recent times!

Green Belt – Labour say we Lib Dems are biggest threat to it yet we are the ones fighting Labour’s plan to build on the Green Belt around Maghull & Lydiate! Labour started off saying they were going to defend the Green Belt but then they did a ‘U’ turn and decided to back building on it!

Maghull Parks – Labour says they are planning improvements to Maghull parks yet it was Labour-run Maghull Town Council who took the money for such improvements out of the Council’s budget! We Lib Dems opposed the money being removed.

Maghull’s Neighbourhood Plan – Labour claim all sorts about this but it is simply cover for them to build on the Green Belt and high grade agricultural land whilst trying to look like they are doing something else.

Policing cuts – Labour blame the Lib Dems for this yet it was Labour, whilst in Government who so ruined the UK’s finances with their spend, spend, spend mentality, that helped put us all in the mess that we are all in now. What’s more the closure proposals for Maghull Police Station are being put forward by the Labour Crime and Policing Commissioner for Merseyside.

You begin to wonder whether they have begun to believe all their own ridiculous propaganda!

Waste worker suspended for media tip-off – Green Bin Tax

Birmingham City Council has confirmed that it suspended a recycling depot worker after he tipped off the media over unpopular garden waste charges. A £35 annual fee for garden waste collection was introduced by the council in February, which led to some residents dumping waste on the streets. GMB organiser Gillian Whittaker described the action against the worker as “disgusting”.


BBC News has the story at:-

My previous posting of 20th May also refers:-

At face value a worker has been suspended for telling the truth? If so this does not bode well for fairness and openness in the workplace.

Local Election results – Sefton splits its votes in a rather odd way

Local elections about local issues…………


We Lib Dems held all our seats that were up for election in the Southport part of Sefton but we lost 3 seats in the Sefton Central part of the Borough. All the losses were to Labour and I have been struck by how voters went out to support a Party who are openly going to trash our Green Belt and potentially charge for the emptying of Green Bins in the Borough. And of course Labour has also closed many of the Borough’s Libraries.


As an environmental campaigner who has worked to defend the Green Belt against Labour’s attacks on it I must say that I am surprised that the electorate in places like Maghull, Aintree Village, Melling and Lydiate has now backed the party of Green Belt destruction. But, there was a single glimmer of hope for the Green Belt as the voters of Formby elected Maria Bennett who, like we Lib Dems, stood on a platform of stopping Green Belt building.


* Is the cause of Green Belt protection in Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree Village and Melling now dead following Labour winning all 3 Sefton wards in this area?
* Why did the electors of Southport & Formby vote for Green Belt campaigners but elsewhere they elected a Party (Labour) that wants to build on the Green Belt?
* Why did electors give Sefton Labour a green light (except in Southport and Formby) to bring in their threatened £46 Green Bin Tax?
* How has Labour got away with closing Libraries in Crosby, Aintree Village and Bootle whilst they were firmly rejected in Southport where they also closed libraries?
* Why did the electors of Maghull vote in Lib Dem Cllrs. Bruce Hubbard and Jen Robertson last July, because of their opposition to Labour’s Green Bin tax and their fighting for the Green Belt, but reject them both today for continuing to campaign on these issues?

These were local elections about local issues…………

You know what I will be doing today – Voting Liberal Democrat

Lib Dems fighting for Sefton's Libraries

Lib Dems fighting for Sefton’s Libraries

Fighting Labour's proposed £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households households.

Fighting Labour’s proposed £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households.

Working with the community to try to save our Green Belt from Labour's development plans.

Working with the community to try to save our Green Belt from Labour’s development plans.

3 very good reason for me (and you?) to vote Liberal Democrat today.

Labour is in favour of what!

I was stopped yesterday my a resident who showed me a Molyneux Ward (Aintree Village, Melling and South Maghull) Labour Party election leaflet and who asked me to read a particular part of it and tell them what I thought it said.

An odd request in some ways but have a look yourself. The convoluted English does not help but the message folks are in danger of picking up is that Labour is in favour of this list of things! And yes, I did the same double take as the resident who had stopped me had done because I also thought it was confession time for Labour!


What the eye actually picks up is:-


And then when you think about it

* Tuition fees were Labour’s idea
* Labour Councils have been closing Children’s Centres
* Privatisation of some NHS services was very much a Labour policy when in Government.

I could go on but you get my drift. But watch how you word political leaflets is the important message here!

Row over green waste – Lib Dem MP seeks court order

Cllr. Bruce Hubbard with his petition against Labour's £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households.

Cllr. Bruce Hubbard with his petition against Labour’s £46 Green Bin Tax on Sefton households.

Birmingham Yardley Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming is seeking a court order to get Birmingham City Council to clear dumped green waste, following the introduction of a £35 garden waste collection charge in February. The Labour-run authority hopes the scheme will generate £2m of income.

Remember Labour-run Sefton’s presently ‘deferred’ charge for emptying the Borough’s green bins is set at £46 per bin

With thanks to the LGiU for this story.