Labour and those with little or nothing whom they have walked away from

The story is on Richard Kemp’s blog site accessible via the link above

Richard and I have our differences as free thinking Liberals but I think he has really hit the nail on the head here with regard to Labour all but abandoning the poor.

For me it started back in 2013 when Labour MP’s began to seriously get behind welfare cuts. The Guardian newspaper link below gives the detail:-

It was a starting point from which Labour has not really backtracked even under its supposedly socialist leadership as Richard Kemp details.

For me the big issue of recent times has been Labour’s reversal of policy to back Brexit. What on earth made them do this when they know that Brexit will hurt us all but the poor and disadvantaged the most beats me. If that’s not abandoning those with little or nothing I don’t know what is.

The best you can say about the modern Labour Party is that it sees itself as the political party of those who have something but not of those who have nothing. Is there any wonder that UKIP tried to fill the void vacated by Labour with their racist propaganda.

And if you don’t believe me just take the time to read Richards blog because it shows only too clearly how in Parliament Labour has been walking away from those with little or nothing.

The bottom line for me is that we can’t call ourselves a civilised society when our two major political parties are in effect vying for who can cut those with nothing adrift most ruthlessly.

Tim Farron – Don’t bleed the poor


This is powerful but very clear message. You will notice which Labour Party leadership contender is missing from their line up i.e Jeremy Corbyn as he voted, like our local MP’s John Pugh (Lib Dem) and Peter Dowd (Lab), against the Conservative’s Welfare Bill.

Armed with this kind of information you can see why Labour has gone welfare bashing with bells on.

Britain backs further welfare cuts

A poll for the Financial Times by Populus has suggested that George Osborne’s plan to make further cuts to Britain’s welfare bill has the support of 75% of voters, who still believe “too much money is being wasted on paying benefits to people who don’t need them”. Of the benefits a future chancellor might cut, there was most support for reducing child benefit, then working-age benefits and finally pensioner benefits such as the winter fuel allowance.

Many of us on the left of British politics have been taken aback by the ruthless way the Labour Party has been approaching welfare cuts, indeed their spokespeople have often tried to give the impression that Labour will cut benefits more than the Tories. This Populus poll certainly shows why they are doing it. They are brazenly chasing votes even though you would have expected the Labour Party to be far more cautious on welfare. People who are concerned about the welfare budget needing to be cut actually vote, people on benefits often don’t. Labour knows this too.

That the welfare budget needs to be brought under control is a given but watching Tories and Labour trying to outbid each other for the prize of who could cut welfare the most is no way to treat the poor in a civilised society.

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.