Lady Lever Art Gallery gets a welcome refurbishment


ITV/Granada has the story on its web site – see link above

Now here is a project to celebrate art on Merseyside, not least because Maghull resident Jen Robertson was a part of the project team and can be seen cleaning a rare Wedgwood fireplace in the video.

You can visit the Museum’s web site via the link below:-


Maghull – Henry Stafford-Moreton – The Youth Centre and his wife’s dress?

What do we know about this former Maghull Councillor who had both a Youth Centre (now sadly closed and about to be demolished and replaced by a Netto store) and a road named after him?

I ask as his name has popped up twice in the last week or so. Firstly, a query came my way with regard to a dress that his wife Jane wore and which I am told is presently displayed in the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight. Secondly, I have been asked whether I know any detail about his connection with the former Stafford-Moreton Youth Centre in terms of whether he donated land and/or money to it.

Well a little Googling and I came across this link to the dress care off National Museums Liverpool web site:-

A little bit more poking around on the internet and I found a photo of Maghull Parish Council (it only became a Town Council in 1974) on the ‘I grew up in Maghull’ facebook page:-

There is speculation on this facebook page from one lady that Stafford-Moreton gave the land for the youth centre to be built on and separately I have had a query about this from another resident who feels that the money from the sale of the land should be ploughed back into youth facilities in Maghull. Regular readers of this blog site will be aware that Sefton Council has just sold the site (together with the adjacent former Maghull Library site) and that a Netto store is due to be built there if planning permission is obtained from Sefton Council.

If the speculation is right i.e. that Stafford-Moreton did give land or money to help get the youth centre built then yes the proceeds of the sale of that part of the site should indeed go to local youth facilities. I would be pleased to know if anyone can shine any further light on this youth centre matter.

Anything more about this former Maghull resident and councillor that folks know about would also be of interest to me. Please get in touch.

Lest we forget – 1914 – 18 War


As 2014 draws to a close this may well be my last posting about war memorials 100 years since the start of World War One.

This is a shot of the truly magnificent war memorial at Port Sunlight Village on the Wirral which is close to the Lady level art Gallery.

I say my last posting on this theme; that is unless anyone sends me another photo of a war memorial…………………

The photo above is amongst those on my Flickr site at:-

Turner exhibition at Lady Lever – Port Sunlight

I was lucky to be invited to attend the opening event of this new exhibition last Thursday together with Jen.


I know little about art but I know what I like and Turner together with Edward Hopper is it.


The special exhibition is well worth a visit and the fact that it is in the the magnificent Lady Lever Gallery makes it more so. I had not visited Lady Lever Gallery for quite some time, maybe 10 years, and both Jen and I had a great time. I took the shot below whilst there and have also put it on my Flickr site.

Statue of Antinous against one of the two domes in Lady Lever gallery

Statue of Antinous against one of the two domes in Lady Lever gallery

And who did we run into but the Peter Dowd the Labour Leader of Sefton Council. We might not share common politics but we do share a liking of Turner. It was nice to have a chat about what we do agree about.