Lydiate – More news on Lambshear Lane flooding problem

The latest news on this long running issue (it first manifested itself at least as far back as 2015) of carriageway, pavement and garden flooding after prolonged rainfall is that drainage engineers may (I hope) be about to get on top of it.

Cllr. Edie Pope outside Lydiate Village Centre

Cllr. Edie Pope and I have recently heard from Sefton Council’s drainage engineers to the effect that United Utilities have seemingly taken/accepted responsibility for fixing the problem and they are commissioning some works to try to resolve the flooding.

Fingers crossed……….

Lydiate – More on the regular flooding problem in Lambshear Lane

I’ve blogged about this problematic flooding issue previously and both Edie Pope and myself have tried to get Sefton Council to take some effective action.

The latest news is that the Council will assess the situation after the next heavy rainfall and will carry out a ‘level survey’.

More news when I have it.

Lydiate – That persistent flooding of Lambshear Lane

Well I’ve had a go at this one in the past (see previous postings going back ages ago) and so has my fellow Lydiate Parish Councillor Edie Pope but still a very significant flooding of the pavement and road surface takes place on Lambshear Lane after every heavy rain storm between Lydiate Village Centre and Oakhill Drive. The photo above was taken on 8th March.

Time to give Sefton Council Highways Dept. another nudge me thinks; surely they must know what the cause is by now and can fix it? More news when I have it.

Click on the photo to enlarge it

Lydiate – A new youth club? Well let’s hope so and that it’s a success

I was pleased to read, via the Maghull Community Facebook Page, recently that some folks are getting together to try to launch a new youth club at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane.

Here’ a scan of the publicity leaflet which I picked up at the Village Centre last Thursday:-

But apart from doing my bit to give this excellent youth initiative a plug, there’s a bit of local history in all this too. You see the site where Lydiate Village Centre sits was once the site of Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club.

The old youth club was based in a large wooden building which if memory serves was donated by the Ford Factory. It was set up by parents who probably had similar aspirations for their local youngsters back in the 1960’s. My old mate Phil Davidson was one those involved in LVYC. Here’s a photo of the old building with former Parish Councillors Pat Foster and Tony Fenton outside it:-

Former Lydiate Parish Councilors Tony Fenton and Pat Foster outside the old Lydiate Voluntary Youth Club

Sadly the building was burnt to the ground, but that unfortunate incident also kindled a desire amongst Lydiate Parish Councillors of the day to erect a more substantial building for the use of all ages and sections of society. From that idea Lydiate Village Centre rose from the ashes some 15 years later with a big National Lottery grant to help the project on the way. Former Lydiate councillors Dave Russell, Andrew Blackburn together with the then Parish Clerk Brian Beaven were the driving force behind the Village Centre.

So what goes around comes around and let’s hope that the new youth club initiative will be a great success.

Lydiate’s Public Rights of Way

Ever wondered where Lydiate’s footpaths will take you?

Well have a look at this map of the Civil Parish of Lydiate (Parish Boundary not shown) with all the public rights of way detailed on it:-


Click on the map to enlarge it

You will notice along the edges of the map that the footpaths have differing numbers and prefixes. This is because the paths cross into neighbouring Civil Parishes in Lancashire i.e. ALT = Altcar, DOW = Down Holland and AUG = Aughton.

The map is from a colour pamphlet produced by Sefton Council which details walks you can do locally. Copies can be obtained free of charge from Lydiate Village Centre in Lambshear Lane. Always open AM Monday to Friday and at other times when in use.

Lydiate – Junction of Sandy Lane/Lambshear Lane

It has been suggested to me by a local resident that this junction could do with being remodeled to try to stop vehicle drivers, who are tuning left, coming straight out of Sandy Lane onto Lambshear Lane without being able to pass traffic already on Lambshear Lane.

The problem seems to be associated with drivers who simply look right and if all seems clear swing straight around the corner. Trouble is the section of Lambshear Lane they are turning onto is effectively single carriageway due to parked cars. This means drivers not looking left can easily (and I am told they often do) coming face to face with a vehicle on Lambshear Lane that is on the same carriageway overtaking the parked cars.

Sefton Council tried to do something about this a while back when they painted a red hatched area onto the junction (at the end of Sandy Lane) to push drivers away from hugging the kerb line and make them get a clear line of sight before turning left. Of course this hatched area is often ignored, hence the problem.

Here is a photo which illustrates the matter.

Junc of Sandy Ln-Lambshear Ln

It has been suggested that Sefton Council could be asked to build the kerb out along the edge of the red hatched area so to force drivers to be more careful when turning left out of Sandy Lane. I have asked Sefton Highway Officers to investigate this potential road safety improvement.