Lancashire V Nottinghamshire – 2 poor teams slug it out

I went to watch what turned out to be the last day of the County Championship match at Liverpool Cricket Club’s Aigburth ground yesterday and whilst it was a great finish (Notts winning by one wicket) you could not but think how poor the batting was on both sides.

The Lancs tail seemed to prove this by showing how well it was possible to bat on the pitch at the end of their second innings.

A win for Notts is welcome but they will have to re-learn the art of batting if they really are to be serious contenders for the championship this year. As for Lancs they do need to get a couple of wins under their belt otherwise Division 2 will beckon them once again.

Here are a few shots I took on what was a lovely Liverpool day:-

Liverpool Cricket Club's grand pavilion

Liverpool Cricket Club’s grand pavilion

Under the Umpire's watchful eye

Under the Umpire’s watchful eye

Flying the winner's flag

Flying the winner’s flag

A Lancs batsman under pressure

A Lancs batsman under pressure

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Notts bash Lancs as English cricket season starts

I always get a good feeling when the cricket season starts after a long winter. This year was all the better as my team Nottinghamshire won their opening Division 1 County Championship match against Lancashire.



Notts had a poorish season last year last year in the County Championship and almost got themselves relegated to Division 2. Lancs on the other hand had a good season by winning the 2nd Division Championship and gaining promotion to Division 1.

The return match between Lancs and Notts is at Aigburth Cricket Ground in Liverpool on 13th July.

Worst Ashes performance EVER!

The BBC has the story if you can summon up the will to read it! English cricket really has hit rock bottom.

It’s funny you know, when many folk were rejoicing in the English victory over the Australians back in the summer of 2013 I could not help but think that England had more scraped through the Test matches rather than won them well. I seriously feared that all would not go well down under, Oh how I wish I had been wrong.

Nottinghamshire survive the drop (just) and Lancashire get promoted

This season has been fascinating for a cricket fan like me what with the Australians being over and my team Notts winning the 40 over one day competition.

It’s been an odd season for Notts though as they have hardly been able to win a County Championship 1st Division match for toffee yet have been very successful in the shorter form of the game. Thanks to Derbyshire getting badly beaten in their last game of the County Championship season and Notts gaining their umpteenth draw we survived to fight another season in the 1st Division.

It was great to Lancashire gaining promotion from the 2nd Division despite them surprisingly losing their last match. In fact it was their only defeat in the County Championship 2nd Division this year and promotion was already assured.

It would be great if when next year’s fixtures come out that Lancs V Notts could be at Birkdale but maybe that is wishing too much. Just to get any County Championship at Birkdale may well be struggle, but let’s hope.

The 'Square' at Southport Cricket Ground

The ‘Square’ at Southport Cricket Ground

Lancashire to play cricket at Southport! – And we thought that was unlikely to happen again!

As the English cricket season starts a check through the fixtures of Lancashire County Cricket Club brought up an unexpected surprise in that Lancs are going to play a match at Southport in 2013.

My Party Leader on Sefton Council, Cllr. Iain Brodie-Browne, tells me that he thinks it has come about because Old Trafford will be playing host to a Test Match during August and that a game needed to be shifted away to an ‘out ground’.

Whatever the reason we have 1st Class cricket in Southport when it looked unlikely to happen again despite Lancs biggest crowd being at the compact Birkdale ground in their 1st Division Championship winning year of 2011.

I hope to be there (28th August – 4 day County Championship 2nd Division match) and as the game is against Hampshire as opposed to Nottinghamshire (my team) I will be able to go to cheer for a Lancs win.