Merseytravel – Why they say public transport shuts down (too?) early each day

A Merseyrail train at Bootle Oriel Road Station

A Merseyrail train at Bootle Oriel Road Station

I have a lot of respect for Liam Robinson (the Chair of Merseytravel – our local public transport body on Merseyside) despite the fact that he is not of my political party, partly because he is a reasonable chap and partly because of his professional background in the railway industry.

This does not mean I agree with all he says in a Liverpool Echo follow-up article (see link above) to the recent call in the paper for trains to run latter at night on Merseyside, which I and many others support.

As I said in my previous commentary on this matter part of the problem for say communities like Maghull/Lydiate, for example, is that there is no circular bus to meet the last train even now, never mind any later running trains that could possibly run in the future.

I feel that the last Merseyrail trains out of Liverpool should be just after midnight.

As for the commentary about how the Merseyside public transport system works during big pre-planned public events I refer readers to my previous posting associated with the Giants from July 2014:-

I have the feeling that this issue has a long way to travel before it is resolved but despite the difficulties I hope that the powers that be can find a way forward to offer later trains out of Liverpool.

Merseyrail – Later trains please

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above.

Merseyrail Class 508 EMU at Maghull Station

Merseyrail Class 508 EMU at Maghull Station

I think this appeal for later trains is spot on and agree that it is a gripe I have heard on many occasions. But for it to work well, for example, the 231 bus that serves Maghull and Lydiate would also be required to meet all the late trains at Maghull Station. Presently it does not meet the last train even now!

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