Maghull – Leighton Avenue car park lights – an update and the strange story of a Council connecting into a private electicity supply?

My previous posting on this matter of a few days ago refers – see link below:-

I have spoken to the Maghull Group Company who own Maghull’s Leighton Avenue car park and they tell me they are aware of the non-working street lamps in this car park and are trying to fix them. I hope they appreciate the urgency of getting the lights back on especially at this time of year when it can be very dark in that car park by late afternoon.


As an aside when talking to them I picked up on a rather odd story, which if I have understood things correctly, seems to indicated that Maghull Town Council or possibly someone contracted to work for it caused some electricity issues in an around the Maghull Square Shopping Centre when they connected up to the Maghull Group’s electricity supply recently. I assume that would have happened during installation of the Christmas lights earlier this month?

The Christmas lights seem to be working OK now but for the first week or so there were clearly problems in the continuity of the electric supply so to speak.

Funny how you take up one issue as a local councillor and another seemingly related one pops out too.

Black as your hat! – Maghull’s Leighton Ave Car Park

It was recently brought to my attention that the lights in this large shopping centre car park are not working and it seems they have been like this for some time. The photo I took below (This evening) illustrates the problem!


I have taken the matter up with the Maghull Group Company who own the car park and indeed the shopping centre. More news when I have it.

As an aside I recall the lights being installed quite some years ago following an incident where someone was attacked and the darkness was thought to be a contributory factor. If I recall correctly former Maghull Councillor John Sharman led the campaign to get the lights installed as a consequence of this incident. Let’s hope they can be repaired and operational soon.