Maghull’s Public Toilets – Is Maghull Town Council about to ride in to save them?

There has been much debate, especially on Maghull’s Facebook community pages about the state of and indeed future of the public toilet block in Maghull’s Leighton Avenue which serves the Town’s shopping centre.

I have mentioned these toilets many times before on this blog site, toilets which were once award winning in the 1980’s but that have sadly been in a steady decline ever since.

They have in fact been closed recently due to vandalism and this was the scene on 29th December – They were very firmly locked up:-


When I was a member of Maghull Town Council and I could see the decline in the toilets and wanted to do something about it. Indeed, I made a proposal to the Council on 24th July 2013 – it read ‘To support an MTC [Maghull Town Council] capital investment in Maghull’s rather down at heel public toilets in Leighton Avenue, with the aim of working up a project in partnership with Sefton Council to restore these public toilets to their previous award winning condition’.

And here we are some 3 and half years later and Maghull’s public toilets are even more run down, vandalised and sadly closed.

These toilets were not looking good back in 2012

These toilets were not looking good back in 2012

There’s a danger here that I just shout ‘I told you so and you did nothing’ but that would be churlish. Yes, of course I am disappointed that nothing happened following my putting down a resolution for the Town Council to take action BUT three and a half years on it just could be that that the Town Council is about to step in.

Word is that Maghull Town Council has meetings planned for January 2017 with Sefton Borough Council and London & Cambridge Properties (they own the shopping centre) with a view to the Town Council potentially taking a part or even a lead in the issue of toilet provision for Maghull’s shopping centre.

Watch this space……………..

Pedestrian Crossing needed – Leighton Ave Maghull

Maghull’s shopping centre on the northern side of Westway is split in two by Leighton Avenue where it has a junction with Westway.

Trouble is that shoppers want to cross the top of Leighton Ave to access other shops but they have to run the gauntlet of traffic which, at times, can speed into Leighton Ave from Westway. The elderly and disabled find it particularly difficult to cross here. Indeed, one elderly gent told me that he does not even try to cross because he walks very slowly and fears being run over.

Only the other day I witnessed a lady who had clearly had a stroke being helped across the top of Leighton Avenue by a young man and they were having to keep a close eye on the traffic which was all around them. Sadly, some drivers just don’t seem to realise, or care, that pedestrians are the most important thing on our highways!

This is the spot, right next to Maghull's Costa Coffee Shop. Westway is just to the left out of the photo.

This is the spot, right next to Maghull’s Costa Coffee Shop. Westway is just to the left out of the photo.

With these thoughts in mind I have asked Sefton Council’s traffic engineers to look at this site for the potential installation of a pedestrian crossing and they have agreed to take it into their next assessment of where to put new crossings.