Labour – What do they stand for? Will 2016 give a clear answer?

Jeremy Corbyn is Vice President of CND yet he asked his MP’s to abstain in a House of Commons vote to get rid of Trident.


Labour said they wanted to stop the Chancellor’s tax Credit cuts yet they would only vote for the cuts to be deferred in the House of Lords.

Labour sat on their hands and abstained over the Tories Welfare Bill in the House of Commons.

All of this happened in 2015.

Of course you have to put all this context because 90% of Corbyn’s MP’s don’t support him, want him out and are trying to undermine him. But on the other hand 70% of Labour’s members do support him. No wonder Labour does not know what to do.

The Labour opposition in the House of Commons is letting the Tories off with murder because they are spending most of their time stabbing each other in the back.

The Chancellor says he has abandoned planned cuts to tax credits

Well finally the Tories have remembered their 2015 election pledge not to cut tax credits, even though a gun had to be put to their head by the House of Lords.

Sadly though the Labour opposition in this country only wanted them deferred! But I bet Labour will be claiming all kinds of credit for the Chancellor’s U Turn when in reality they didn’t have the backbone to support Lib Dems in the House of Lords who voted for the tax credit cuts to be chucked out altogether.

Labour cares nothing for the poor, they care only for themselves.

Tax Credit Cuts – Labour wants them delayed for a year but how about knocking them on the head altogether!

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

I suppose it is no surprise that Labour is looking for compromise over the Tories Tax Credit cuts especially if you think back to the appalling things said by leading Labour figures before the last general election about people who need welfare support.


Remember in the House of Lords Labour would not back the recent Lib Dem motion to reject the Tory Tax Credit cuts out of hand, instead they sat on their hands.

I really despair about Labour’s double standards. All their rhetoric is about helping those less fortunate in our society but when the chips are down Labour always lets those most in need down.

Tax Credit cuts – Red Tories back the Blue Tories!


The BBC has the result of Labour’s shame-faced House of Lords vote – see link above

Would you credit it, Labour refused to back a Lib Dem proposal in the House of Lords tonight to kill off the Tories evil Tax Credit cuts.

When Labour had the chance (again!) to back the poor, they backed the Tories instead! Remember they sat on their hands for the Tory’s Welfare Reform Bill a few weeks ago and tonight they are failing to support the poor again.

The best that Labour can seemingly bring themselves to vote for is a weak proposal to defer the Tax Credit cuts; not kill them off but just defer them.

I ask you what’s the point of the Labour Party any more when they can’t do anything but be Tory cheer leaders and appeasers?