When male councillors all wore ties! – Things are not what they were you know.

This picture made me realise how times change and over not too long a period either.


It was taken in @1992 and shows (left to right) 5 Lib Dem Maghull Town councillors – Bruce Hubbard (still a local councillor in Maghull), Tom Smith (a lovely man who died some years ago now), Bill Chambers (he went to live in Spain), Roy Cornell (retired and living in Ainsdale – The chap of Roy’s Roundabout fame) and John Sharman (still to be seen around Maghull working hard for Rotary).

But it was the fact that they all had a tie on that made me realise how times change, except for Bruce though who is rarely without a tie especially at a Council meetings.

And whist I often don’t wear a tie these days I still have at the back of my mind the comments my parents often made along the lines of ‘turn up smart or don’t expect to be taken seriously’.

Lib Dems revise mansion tax

The Liberal Democrats have revised their long-standing plans for a “mansion tax” and would instead impose higher council tax bills on homes worth more than £2m. The switch could give Nick Clegg’s party a better chance of achieving its goal of higher property taxes for the rich if there is another hung Parliament after next year’s general election. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, said his party would no longer call for a 1% annual levy on the value of a property worth more than £2m. Instead, it would propose a “modest additional banded levy on top of council tax for high-value properties”. Meanwhile, research by Zoopla has suggested that if a “mansion tax” was introduced then two-thirds of it would be paid for by homeowners in three central London boroughs – Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster and Camden.

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