The Investigatory Powers (IP) Act; commonly known as the Snoopers’ Charter – Is May about to come unstuck?

The Canary has the story on its web site – see link above

If you really believe in freedom then you will, by instinct, be opposed to Theresa May’s Investigatory Powers Act, which in my view has no place in a civilised society. She deserves to come unstuck over this and come to think of it many other things too.

Freedom – Human Rights Act – Why the Tories are wrong

Seen at Merseyside's International Sleaveery Museum

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The Human Rights Act helps guarantee all our freedoms, yes even for those people we don’t like or respect at all, because if we are not all free and have the same rights none of us are free.

The photo above comes from a large plaque in Merseyside’s International Slavery Museum and it sums up what freedom and human rights are all about. Once you try to start to define sections of society who will have rights and freedoms you have to decide who will not have them. Beware you or a person close to you may end up with less rights than you or you less rights than them! Is that the society the Tories want because of their irrational hatred of universal rights?