Aughton – Littering of Clieves Hill and the A59

The other day whilst on a cycle ride I stopped at the top of Clieves Hill to catch my breath and fell into conversation with a West Lancs Council street cleansing chap who was emptying the bins and picking up litter.

View from Clieves Hill towards the Sefton Coast.

The first thing to say is that he was doing a great job but as I had seen the extent of the littering up there previously I asked him how often the area was litter picked and the bins emptied. Expecting to hear him say something like weekly I was surprised when he said virtually every day!

He went on to tell me about the littering and the behaviour of a minority of folk who drive up Clieves Hill for the view. Sadly, he recounted that chucking food waste and packaging out of car doors was a regular thing despite there being a couple of bins to use. He also indicated that people in flashy expensive cars were often the worst behaved. But what really struck me was when he said that these anti-social people even do it when he’s there and that he has to challenge them to get out of the car to pick their rubbish up.

But if that was not enough he then went on to tell me that when he is litter picking the nearby A59 the odd driver will blow their horn to gain his attention and then a window comes down and rubbish is chucked out for him to clear up!

I can’t tell you how a felt for that poor chap doing his bit to keep our countryside tidy and litter free whilst others deliberately do just the opposite.

Lydiate – Coppull Road – Southport Road Footpath

This footpath has been getting overgrown throughout the summer and I’ve had two calls at my door asking if I can get Sefton Council to cut back the offending brambles and indeed to litter pick the path.

Having discussed the matter with Lydiate’s Independent Borough Councillor Pat O’Hanlon I know she has been on the case too and thankfully Sefton Council has now taken action to cut back plant growth. Trouble is that exposed all the litter along the path but 20 minutes with a sack and a litter picking stick this afternoon and its looking a lot better now.

Switch Island & A59 – Have you seen the mess that litter chucked out of vehicle windows causes?

Litter chucked from vehicles can now be seen beside many main roads at at junctions*.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I also blogged about this subject back in 2014 and here’s a link back to that posting:-

It seems to be becoming almost a fashionable thing to do, an ‘acceptable’ way to dispose of unwanted wrappings and general junk within a vehicle. I bet most of us have seen it happen. A window winds down in front of us in a queue of traffic and some rubbish gets thrown out onto the pavement or grass verge.

I may have related this story before but a few years back I was walking along Green Lane in Thornton, here on Merseyside, and there was a queue of traffic at the traffic lights. A few yards ahead of me was a lady walking in the same direction as me. Just in front of her a car window opened and a nappy was chucked out onto the pavement. The lady picked it up and with some force threw it against the back window of the car it came from. It made quite a mess on that car and the occupants looked as surprised as I did. Direct action got a message home on that occasion I suspect.

*(This is a general illustrative shot of litter)

Lydiate – Volunteer litter pickers

Good news – A group has recently been established to try to help Lydiate deal with dropped litter and volunteers are now meeting on the last Saturday of each month to litter pick roads in Lydiate. They meet at Lydiate Village Centre on Lambshear Lane.


This builds on the longer established volunteer group (part of Maghull in Bloom) that has been litter picking the tow path of the Leeds Liverpool Canal for a number of years now.

I understand that this new group of volunteers want to expand into Maghull as well but clearly that depends on volunteers coming forward.

If you want to know more/feel you can help please contact Lydiate Parish Council for info :-

Tel 0151 527 2662

Some may see the need to do this as a consequence of austerity and the inability of Sefton Council to keep our streets clean. There is clearly some truth in this, but volunteering in your own community is worthwhile in itself and many of us do it in many differing ways. You also make new friendships and it helps reconnect folk with their own community. Please consider helping if you can spare some time.

I am especially keen to support local environmental volunteering as this is an important issue to me; its why Sheila and I volunteer with Maghull in Bloom.

Bootle – a wonderful sunrise over its golf course but just hold the camera in a slightly different direction and……

Today’s sunrise over Bootle Goff Course was lovely, as was the one I took a photo of a few days ago. Let’s have a look.

Firstly the one taken a few days ago:-

Bootle Golf Course at dawn r

Then the one taken this morning:-

IMG_7576 r

Then the one I also took this morning which shows what none of us would wish to see. Sadly the boundary of Bootle Golf Course from where I took the photos is also a dumping ground for rubbish and litter.


Click on the photos to enlarge them

The first two photos are also available to view on my Flickr pages at:-

Wheelie bad joke

A Carmarthen traffic warden is being investigated after giving a £30 ticket to a wheelie bin because it was parked on double yellow lines. John McEvoy, Carmarthenshire Council’s traffic and safety manager, said: “Although this was meant as a humorous incident, we take this kind of thing very seriously.”

The Daily Telegraph & The Times ran this article.

Goodness knows what punishment Eric Pickles would want to hand out to the ‘owner’ of the bin. By the way did you see him being interviewed on the TV recently in connection with litter bringing down house prices? All he was able to say, as far as I could understand him, was that the litter was the fault of by-weekly collections of wheelie bins. Excuse me but litter is normally chucked on the floor by those who do not give a damn for their community!

With thanks to the LGiU for the lead to this story.