Music Concerts – Stark difference between Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall and Playhouse2 in Shaw

Yes I know I am in some ways comparing chalk and cheese size-wise but I’ve seen live music at both venues in the past few weeks and Playhouse2 knocks spots off my Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall experience. I blogged about the live music I ‘endured’ at the Phil’ a while back and here’s a link to that posting:-

I suppose you could say that the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is a medium sized venue for music these days, certainly nowhere near as large as the arena venues that have sprung up in recent times. My guess though is that the Phil’ are copying the way the arenas are run with booze being available most of the time and the toilets doing a roaring trade so to speak; it all seems about making money rather then quality music I would suggest.

Now turn to Playhouse2 in Shaw near Rochdale, a small venue, run by volunteers, refreshments only available before the show and at the interval. Sensible ticket prices, an audience that could hold their water, decent beer on tap and a great atmosphere. The act? The Snake Davis Band, high quality musicians playing jazz R&B and soul tunes.

I’m done with larger venues where drinking is the major activity, where you can’t see the act and where you treated like a credit card walking into the venue to be relieved of as much of your money as possible. Live music is a great experience but it is being ruined by booze and money making I’m sad to say. Give me Playhouse2 type venues any day.

Here’s what the Snake Davis Band is all about:-