Lydiate – St Catherine’s Chapel – Parish Council to continue grounds maintenance

St Catherine's otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

St Catherine’s otherwise know as Lydiate Abbey

Lydiate Parish Council has long maintained the grounds around this lovely listed ancient monument in Lydiate’s Conservation Area. The PC cuts the grass empties the litter bin etc.

The site is in the ownership of Liverpool Catholic Arch-Diocese and Sefton Borough Council has a hand in the management of the site too. And, of course, there’s the voluntary group – Friends of the Abbey which has been formed. That group has recently gained a £7,000+ grant from Heritage Lottery to fund a detailed assessment of the condition of the ruins with a view to trying to preserve them for future generations.

The latest issue was that the maintenance agreement for the Parish Council to undertake grass cutting etc. had come to an end but at the last PC meeting on 22nd November there was agreement for the PC to continue to provide such support.

If you are interested in joining the volunteer group their e-mail address is:-

Lydiate – Report on its October Parish Council meeting

The meeting started earlier this month at 7pm because the first hour was all about setting the scene for the Neighbourhood Plan, a subject I have commented upon regularly or too often depending on your point of view!


Suffice to say it was a constructive hour that involved 3 Lydiate residents as well. One of residents, as a local socialist environmental campaigner, is possibly even more suspicious of the Labour Party than I am, whilst another is, or at least was, a local Conservative Parish councillor until recent times. And yes I did participate constructively myself despite being of the view that Lydiate’s Neighbourhood Plan is little more than a smoke screen for Sefton Labour’s appalling Local Plan. Your on your soap box again Robertson…………….

But what else went on? Well in no particular order and only picking up on the eye catching items here goes.

St Catherine’s Chapel (otherwise known as Lydiate Abbey) – Lydiate PC has helped to maintain this ancient monument for many years now but Sefton Borough Council are bailing out. Ownership is actually with the Liverpool Catholic Arch-Diocese and clearly a new partnership needs to be put together so that the building remains and grounds are kept in reasonable condition in the future. Below is a winter shot of the ruins of the Chapel.


A ‘Friends’ group has been established in recent times and my old chum and former Lydiate Parish Council Chairman Dave Russell is involved in that I understand. Watch this space for how this matter moves forward.

Tendering the Parks and Gardens work – Every few years the Parish Council goes out to tender for the work (mainly grass cutting) that is not undertaken by the small workforce of the Parish Council. That time is upon us again and a tendering exercise is starting up.

The hanging baskets on Southport Road and up part of Liverpool Road seem likely to bit the dust soon but the Council is looking at an alternative idea to provide displays of flowers at the two local shopping areas and possibly other high footfall locations such as outside schools. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Christmas Lights – The Parish Council is purchasing some lights to enable it to illuminate the large Holly (yes I did say Holly) tree on the Village Green which looks remarkably like a Christmas Tree. The previous lights were rubbish to say the least!

And talking of Christmas the Parish Council is to join forces with Maghull Town Council to fund the needy pensioners Christmas dinner. In reality Lydiate PC has helped fund such an event in previous years. My recollection is that the Police first started running this annual pensioners party.

By-Centenary of the opening of the Canal – This is moving on with a meeting on interested parties having already taken place. Festivities along the Leeds Liverpool Canal are planned for 2016 meaning it must have been completed in 1816 according to my maths!

Of note is that the Parish Council seems to be settling down now with less party political input at the meetings – this has to be a good thing in my view.

Well that’s about it for the October meeting of Lydiate Parish Council.