Mayor Joe must go


No idea who is behind this slogan and advertising van that has been out and about in Liverpool recently but sadly neither does the fact that it has surfaced surprise me.

Frankly, I have thought for a long time now that Joe Anderson is hardly doing Liverpool any favours with his approach to being the elected mayor of the city.

The fact that he seemingly wants to become the elected Mayor of the Merseyside/Liverpool City Region, assuming the Tory Government and some Merseyside Labour barons get one imposed on us, hardly fills me with confidence either.

Elected Mayor for Merseyside – Will they, won’t they?

I don’t know about you but all this will they, won’t they over whether we are to have a Elected Merseyside Mayor is getting to be tedious. As far as I can see there is no groundswell of support for an elected mayor across Merseyside with only the Labour Party in Liverpool and Sefton wanting one.

And what of Joe Anderson’s statement when earlier this year he said critics of plans to devolve more powers to the region were “bringing the area into disrepute”.

I do not care for Joe Anderson’s approach to being Liverpool’s Elected Mayor and feel that he shines Liverpool in a poor light. So if Joe was to be the Elected Mayor for all of Merseyside!!!!! But why did he say this? Possibly because he was frustrated because few people agree with him over this matter. But anyway no one that I know is being critical of the principle of devolving more powers to the Liverpool City Region.

As a Liberal my whole political life has been one of trying to get powers devolved from Westminster to cities, towns and local communities and I have spent much of this time being opposed by Tories and indeed the Labour Party!

The issue with the Tory Government and indeed Liverpool Labour Party (supported by Sefton Labour so it would seem) is that they want any powers that could be devolved to be in tandem with Merseyside having an Elected Mayor. It is the Elected Mayor that we don’t want!

And another independent perspective about this imposition of Metro Mayors:-

Agglomeration! – It coming to Liverpool City Region!!!!

The Liverpool Echo has the story but I think they missed the real issue here which is agglomeration! What? Yes, agglomeration! What does that mean? According to an on-line dictionary it means:-

1. The act or process of gathering into a mass.
2. A confused or jumbled mass: – To avoid the problems of large urban agglomerations, the state decentralised……

Now lets go back to what the Echo article was all about i.e. George Osborne’s budget and what it means for the north and Liverpool City Region’s troubled debate about having a City Region Mayor (Joe Anderson?) and devolved powers.

Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson

Liverpool Elected Mayor Joe Anderson is quoted as saying “The only way to achieve genuine agglomeration across the north is by connectivity.” But I like the definition above of agglomeration i.e. ‘A confused or jumbled mass’ as it pretty much sums up Liverpool City Region under its squabbling Labour Council Leaders.

Beware of being be agglomerated! It will be painful and pointless!

Devolution yes, what else would a Liberal say? But with a City Region Mayor running our lives from Liverpool Town Hall? Not on your Nelly!

Metro Mayors – John Pugh MP leads the charge against them

John Pugh MP for Southport

The link above to Southport Lib Dems web site gives details of John Pugh’s position on a Metro Mayor for Merseyside. He does not pull any punches and he is right.

Jo Anderson – Mayor of Liverpool – Do you think Joe could be part of the problem rather than a part of the solution?

As a watcher of politics and indeed a participant in it I do worry about the leadership of Liverpool. Joe Anderson comes over to me as someone so tribal that he can’t surely be the person to take Liverpool forward.

I saw this the other day on Moorfields in Liverpool:-


Click on the photo to enlarge it

And I thought the present elected Mayor of Liverpool is, in my view, a part of Liverpool’s problem and is unlikely to be a part of the solution to it.

Ormskirk/Preston Railway Line – ‘A lightly used rural line!’

A topic I have commented on often in the past but am drawn to again because I have been reading a report to the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority dated 16th April.

Agenda item 10, item 3.7 points out that low priority for electrification lines, such as Ormskirk Preston, are ‘lightly used rural lines’.

End of the line from Liverpool - Ormskirk Station. Beyond the buffers is the line from Ormskirk to Preston which is virtually designed to be a lightly used rural line!

End of the line from Liverpool – Ormskirk Station. Beyond the buffers is the line from Ormskirk to Preston which is designed to be a lightly used rural line!

Well yes, but that’s because it is a rubbish infrequent service with no Sunday trains at all. What’s more it is deliberately not connected to the Liverpool Ormskirk service meaning folk have to change trains at Ormskirk. It would be very different if it was a through Liverpool – Preston service. Do the powers that be never think outside the box? Give me strength!

It would have been nice to read that our local rulers were making it clear that they had ambitions to once again make it a through Liverpool – Preston service. Lack of vision? Lack of ambition? Too far away from Liverpool for anyone to be bothered?