Liverpool City Region – Mayoral dust-up

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

It seems to have been rather obvious for a while now that Anderson and Rotherham have a problem with each other; one is the elected Mayor of Liverpool the other the elected Mayor of Merseyside. The other obvious question is why because they both come from the same political party – Labour.

It strikes me that the mayoral quarreling, as described by the Liverpool Echo article, is not going to be in the interests of Merseyside and the Liverpool City Region.

If they were from differing political parties you could almost understand it and you would expect some friction but they are not.

Do we need an elected referee now?

Billinge – Who’d of thought it on a Parish Council?

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see links above

I’ve been a parish councillor since 1985 and whilst meeting some rather eccentric parish councillors in my time I have always found the vast majority of my fellow parish councillors to be decent folk.

Because of the nature of parish councils being small local affairs I have come across some councillors who think that the world ends at their parish boundary, or who don’t seem to understand what a parish council can and can’t do or who don’t seem to get how they should interact with the public who attend their meetings.

It’s perfectly legal for anyone to attend a parish council meeting and film it but I have heard of some parish councils who don’t like this and try to stop it. They don’t realise or don’t care that they are acting outside the law.

It’s also the case that sometimes a member of the public can turn up to a meeting and during the public participation part of it can be aggressive and difficult. Such rare events need a strong meeting chairman to handle things without a shouting match having to be the consequence.

I suppose what I am saying is that to be a parish councillor you need to be able to get along with folks especially those whom you disagree with.

Merseyside has it’s own unique breed of Walrus

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

And here’s a link to the Merseytravel web pages about this travel card:-

It’s going in the right direction but as Carl Cashman the Lib Dem candidate in the recent Liverpool City Region Mayoral election said to fulfill its potential we need to ‘Expand the Walrus card system, creating an ‘Oyster-like’ system across the region, to include buses trains, ferries, tunnels and bridges. Unifying our transport network into one single contactless payment.’

Carl Cashman

How right he is and so the challenge is now there for the winning candidate Steve Rotherham to make this happen by taking up Carl’s pledge.

Liverpool – ‘Privatising’ its parks!?

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

This is a worrying process. At one end the potential to put parks and open spaces in the hands of those who simply want to exploit them for private/commercial gain must surely be met with a big ‘NO’. But alternatives such as spaces being run by community groups, co-operatives and mutual organisations has its appeal to an old Liberal like me because it could be, if handled well, a decentralisation process putting the management of such facilities in the hands of the communities which use them.

At present this process is potentially both a threat and an opportunity; I hope that Liverpool City Council does not allow it become former!

Virgin Trains – Loco to be named Flying Scouseman

A Virgin Trains Pendolino train at Liverpool Lime Street Station.

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see link above

Well it’s imaginative and so close to the iconic Flying Scotsman name; I like it.

Liverpool – Latest about Williamson Tunnels

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link above

Items found in the tunnels

We had a trip down the famous tunnels a while back. Here’s a link to my previous posting:-

The tunnels are well worth visiting.