Crowdfunding helps Liverpool feasibility study into Churchill Flyover

More than £40,000 has been raised by public donations through the crowdfunding website Spacehive to begin a feasibility study on whether the Churchill flyover in Liverpool could become a promenade in the sky, complete with arts spaces, landscaped gardens and coffee shops. The project has been compared with New York’s High Line – a hugely popular one-mile linear park built along a disused railway, which has revitalised an area of Manhattan’s West Side.

The Independent had the story (as did the Liverpool Echo)- Page: 20-21 – 3rd May

This is a fascinating idea but the Churchill flyover is a different kind of elevated structure to the one in New York. For a start it is shorter and constructed of concrete as opposed to steel. It is also not level but inclined. It will be interesting to see if/how this flyover can be re-purposed but some radical thinking will be required. It will also need a significant capital investment to undertake the works and of course to pay for the year on year maintenance. If it can be brought off (most likely without any money from the Council or Government) it will be a significant achievement as the New York project has been a huge success, However, as I say, the circumstances in Liverpool are not altogether the same.

Joe Benton MP – The comrades seem to be after one of the nicest men in politics


I was sad to see this Liverpool Echo headline and really do hope that Labour members in the Bootle Constituency are not trying to deselect Joe Benton MP.

I have commented before about Joe who is one of those politicians whom those of us in other political parties can honestly say is a good and decent man doing a good job for his constituents.

I do hope that Joe’s retirement will be a matter that he decides and that he does not become a victim of the ambitions of others.

Liverpool council confirms developers’ approach for city’s iconic ‘bombed out church’


The Liverpool Echo has the story:-

Please sign the 38degrees petition at:-

My previous posting on this church and the experience of a Maghull resident, dated 16th November 2010, is below:-

St Luke’s is a monument to those who lived and worked in and around Liverpool during the dark days of it being bombed, please don’t let it slip away in an inappropriate way.

Maghull’s ‘tree down’ goes viral

It’s a funny old world; a tree comes down in Maghull and 6 days later the Liverpool Echo and BBC North West news run the story.

Of course this blog site was the first to explain what had happened to the unfortunate residents in Maghull’s Green Lane as my previous postings of 12th and 13th February record.

Here are a couple more photos which show the size of trunk and the damage done to pavement, driveway and underground services.



I had a further chat with some of the affected residents yesterday and can confirm that action is taking place to remove the tree, so that the full extent of the damage can be assessed and repairs made, at this very moment – 7.45pm.

Only on Merseyside could its leaders look so dysfunctional!

The Liverpool Echo has the story.

You could not make this up! And down the East Lancashire Road in another place, where the Councils do get on, the investment will continue to made by Governments (of whatever colour) and their council leaders will be having a good old chuckle at this latest example of self inflicted Greater Liverpool embarrassment.

Liverpool Airport in crisis? – Needing all the ‘Friends of Liverpool Airport’ it can get

The Liverpool Echo has the story and a very worrying one it is too! Can it really be the case that our popular local airport is going bust?

It’s often strange how things can happen together as only a couple of days before seeing the Echo headline I had picked up a leaflet about the Friends of Liverpool Airport and friends are certainly what it needs now.


Well I must admit that I had not previously heard of this friends of group but if I was ignorant of it maybe others are too? How did I find out about it? I found a leaflet in one of those display boxes that you often find in town halls, leisure centres GP surgeries etc. while I was awaiting the start of a meeting.

But back to the big issue here, with losses of over £7m per year what is to happen to Liverpool John Lennon Airport?