Liverpool – Former Labour councillor joins Lib Dems

The Liverpool Echo has the story on its web site – see link below:-

Extract from article – “I think Labour have got really complacent in Liverpool and we need councillors to hold them to account.”

Liverpool – Mayoral election – Richard Kemp’s manifesto

Well the good people of Liverpool have an opportunity to rid themselves of Joe Anderson on May 5th and Cllr. Richard Kemp has published his manifesto offering a new and positive start for this proud City. Please click the link above to read about Richard’s priorities for the City.


Probably the most important thing about this particular mayoral election is that a new Mayor is elected as in my view Joe Anderson has not done Liverpool any favours during his tenure.

Frankly, Liverpool Labour Party should have bitten the bullet and picked a new candidate to fly their flag.

I am more than happy to say that I feel Richard would make an excellent Mayor of Liverpool.

Richard Kemp – Because Liverpool Deserves Better

Liverpool – The Militant Era

The BBC has the story although it reads a bit rose tinted spectacles to me. Of course it ended up with both Militant and indeed the Labour Party losing control of Liverpool City Council to the Lib Dems for many years as Liverpool folk realised that this Militant era had done a huge amount of damage to the image and economy of Liverpool. Indeed, just the mention of Militant and most people across the UK and possibly beyond will sadly still think of Liverpool for all the wrong reasons.

It seems a long time ago now, but it is only 30 years. Liverpool has changed hugely since then with the 2008 Capital Culture year marking a complete break with its unfortunate and ill-conceived flirtation with Militant policies of the 1980’s.

Just now and again you still hear the odd Labour councillor/voice in Merseyside harking back to what they still think was a good time for Liverpool, but of course it was a desperate time that all but killed the City off.