Steam on Merseyside…and beyond – A marvelous new book


Towards the end of 2015 and new and very significant book was published by David Bryant and John Bannon on the steam railways of Merseyside.

I am very happy to have purchased one of the very first editions and to have gained David Bryant’s signature upon it.

It really is an impressive book that runs to 410 A4 sized pages with 616 photographs, 312 of which are in colour.

For some odd reason Merseyside has not really had many books written and published about the steam era and this is emphasised very clearly by Pete Waterman who has penned the forward.

If you have an interest in the railways of Merseyside (and I obviously do) then this is the book for you. It is not cheap though and comes in at a price of £38.95. However, don’t let that price tag put you off as it is really a very significant piece of work that is well worth the investment of your hard earned cash.

1958 Ordnance Survey Map – North Liverpool and Bootle

North Liverpool & Bootle

Click on map to enlarge it.

This is my last posting, at least for now, about the 1958 Ordnance Survey map of Liverpool (which I picked up for a song on Bewdley Railway Station not long ago) with particular reference to its lost railways.

The former line from Seaforth and the North Mersey Goods Yard past Linacre Road (closed April 1951), Ford (Closed April 1951) and Aintree Racecourse (closed March 1962) onto what is now the Liverpool Kirkby Merseyrail line is interesting. Most of it is just about still there; well at least the section from Aintree to the Liverpool – Southport line between the Strand and Seaforth & Litherland is. Indeed, there is still a single track here with trees and bushes growing through it. Merseytravel often used to talk of it being reopened but sadly this seems to be little more than vague speculation that gets repeated every 5 years or so.

Looking east in the direction of the former Ford Station from Hawthorne Road, Bootle in 2014.

Looking east in the direction of the former Ford Station from Hawthorne Road, Bootle in 2014.

On the former Cheshire Lines route around Liverpool Clubmoor station (closed November 1960) is there as is Warbreck Station (Closed November 1960) and Aintree Central (Closed November 1960) but used for race traffic until March 1963. The line closed in December 1964.

As with my last posting I recommend Rob Gell’s ‘An illustrated Survey of Liverpool’s Railway Stations 1830 – 1985 as a good point of reference.