Maghull -Youths on bikes doing incredibly dangerous things – My exchange with Merseyside Police

I posted not so long ago (see link below) about my concerns regarding the activities of some local young men who are putting themselves and other road users at great risk during the hours of darkness. The last incident that I witnessed only yesterday evening was the last straw for me so I have had the following exchange with Merseyside Police. I e-mailed Inspector Phil Hatton but as he is presently away work the reply is from Gerda Gates his Sgt. Neighbourhood Dedicated:-

Dear Phil,

I realise that what I am about to say to you may not seem like a priority but I hope you will consider the matter.

Over the past month or so, almost each time I have been out in the evening after it has got dark I have encountered youths riding bikes all dressed in black and with no lights on them. What’s more each time they have been been riding either on the wrong side of the road or in packs across the whole road. It may well be the same group of course.

My first encounter was with a gang riding up the A59 in effect blocking the whole northbound carriageway trying to hold up the traffic. This was by Maghull TH.

I have also come across a group riding pretty much across the whole of Liverpool Road South near the junction with Larchwood Avenue.

Tonight I came across a couple of youths riding the wrong way up the one way Damfield Lane access road straight at me. I mean the section from Red Lion Bridge to the A59.

I have also seen incidents of a similar nature in Liverpool Road North and Southport Road and fear that it is only a question of time before a road traffic accident takes place as other drivers must be encountering them as well as me.

Would it be possible for your road traffic people to look out for this activity in the evenings after dark and to take some positive action if they come across it?

Best wishes

Cllr. Tony Robertson

Lydiate Parish Councillor

And the reply

Good Afternoon Councillor,

As Mr Hatton is currently on a couple of days break, thank you for your email.

We have noted a rise in calls from local Maghull residents regarding youths on pedal cycles, however what you have described takes issues to another level, especially now we are entering winter months.

I have forwarded your email onto all my staff members for their extra attention when they are on the late shift.

Over the weekend naturally with Bonfire night there will be extra resources in and around the Maghull Area.

I have also forwarded your email onto our colleagues in traffic, for their information and action.

In the meanwhile we will endeavour to identify these youths who obviously have no regard for the public or their own safety.

I would ask that if either you or any of your constituents experience any similar incidents, that they contact Merseyside Police in “real time” to report the matter, so a patrol can be deployed at the first available instance.

Kind regards
Gerda Gates
Sgt Neighbourhood Dedicated

Maghull – One of those I can’t quite belive what I have just seen moments

Last night, 9.45pm, its dark, I am just about to turn right in my car out of Larchwood Avenue onto Liverpool Road South and I am looking both ways to check Liverpool Road South is clear.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot movement to my right and then I see what to me is a very disturbing sight. Up to 10 men/youths riding cycles towards me. No lights on any of the bikes, all in dark clothing and the whole gang of them spread across Liverpool Road South taking up about three quarters of both carriageways!

How much danger is that? Yes they may have no concern for their own welfare but pity the poor vehicle driver that crashes into them and inevitably gets the blame for doing so!

I have seen such a stunt done before in Maghull this year on the duel carriageway A59 where a number of young lads were in effect blocking one side by riding their cycles in such a way that vehicles could not get past them but that was in broad daylight!

What on earth is going on how long before some of these cyclists are dead with a vehicle driver in court taking the blame?

Maghull – Car drives into hairdressers in Liverpool Road South and explodes

This was the scene around 4pm today

This was the scene around 4pm today

The Liverpool Echo has the story – see links above

Maghull – Thieves cause 7 vehicle accident at The Alt junction

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Road markings in Sefton – or more to the point the lack of them

Not long ago I mentioned the missing road markings in Liverpool Road South in Maghull (at the Meadows mini roundabout) where a set of speed humps remains unmarked to this day, weeks and weeks after the road was resurfaced. I also mentioned that my Lib Dem councillor colleague from Southport’s Birkdale Ward – Richard Hands – had raised similar concerns at the last meeting of Sefton Council and that he had received a dismissive response.

Well whether our Labour rulers like it or not it seems to be a fact that road markings are taking many weeks to be be completed after a road has been resurfaced. This must create dangers for road users so why the long delays?

But, on a positive note, the Green Lane nameplate has been put back in its proper place