Some trains out of Liverpool will not be disability accessible? Surely not BUT……

Disability News Service has the story on its web site – see link above

The article does indeed make utterly shocking reading if the facts are as outlined. If they are then Government, the Dept. for Transport and the rail operating companies involved need to explain themselves.

Those with disabilities should be our first thought not our last.

Time Lapse – Liverpool 2

Peel’s cranes at Liverpool 2’s deep water river berth for colossal sized contain ships, Seaforth.

The time lapse video is on You Tube – see link above

Yes I know the new Liverpool 2 container terminal is controversial because it was built before the transport access for freight to and from it was sorted out – cart before horse I’ve heard it called – but this time lapse video is actually quite interesting and worth looking at

Liverpool Central Station voted 6th most popular station in UK

A decorated emergency exit door at Liverpool Central Station.

The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above

I suppose my first thought was, what’s to like about it, it’s an underground station with little architectural merit.

As a separate posting I will blog about Liverpool’s overground Central Station which really did look quite splendid. Here’s a taster of the last bit of it that’s still standing:-

Fronting onto Bold Street – the last part of the original Liverpool Central overground station still standing.