Port of Liverpool Access – Lydiate Parish Council’s view

We had a discussion at our January meeting about the Highways England consultation that is presently ongoing. I am pleased to say we came down on the environmental agenda rather than following Highways England on their let’s build yet more new roads plan.


To recap an issue I have covered on this blog site many times, Highways England want to either build a new road right down the middle of Rimrose Valley Country Park and or expand the road capacity of the present A5036 Dunnings Bridge Road. This is to service the new Liverpool 2 river berth that can take huge new container ships.

Peel's cranes at Liverpool 2's deep water river berth for colossal sized contain ships, Seaforth.

Peel’s cranes at Liverpool 2’s deep water river berth for colossal sized contain ships, Seaforth.

Whilst the issue does not impact on Lydiate residents directly many of them do travel the A5036 to get to work etc. every day and air pollution issues along the route are a major concern. To increase the capacity of that road would in all probability increase the pollution. Of course building a new road down the Rimrose Valley would also increase air pollution from diesel engined HGV’s.

But what’s the alternative? Well to me it is all too clear, increase and the capacity of the present rail link to the docks to its maximum and develop new rail links. Also, electrify the rail lines so that diesel powered locomotives are not used. In essence this was the line adopted by Lydiate Parish Council which also gave it’s support to the transshipment of containers along the Manchester Ship Canal.